Hong Kong Vacation – Food Stands

I am on vacation this month! Yay!!!  I am visiting Hong Kong again this month while I am on vacation.  Therefore, I have decided that I should share some food information and other places I am going to this month with everyone.

First off, this week I am going to be talking about this food stand I stopped by after one of my late nights.  For anyone who is not too familiar with street food and maybe not too courageous with trying out new things, you may have easily walked right by one of these food stands when you’re out and about in Hong Kong.  Next time you see one of these, however, I urge you to stop and try at least what I tried….you may be pleasantly surprised.

These food stands have a variety of snack food items, but are more well known for their curry fish balls and their shiu mai.  The curry fish balls are basically fish balls that they have cooked in curry sauce.  You can order a stick of about 5 to 6 fish balls and it will cost you $6HKD, which is less than $1USD!  On the small table on the stand there is a sweet and spicy sauce that you can add on the fish balls stick once they hand it to you.  Put some of each sauce on it and enjoy the different flavors all working together so well my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Shiu Mai is a steamed pork dumpling kind of snack.  This also comes on a stick with about 5 to 6 shiu mai on it.  With this one you will want to put some soy sauce and hot sauce with it before you pop these things in your mouth.  This also costs you about $6HKD.  Let me just tell you, these things are addictive, just one is NOT going to be enough!  But at less than $1USD each, you can always afford to get more!

For those who are more courageous, you can definitely venture out and try some of the other selections such as intestines, red sausage, pork blood, stinky tofu, and fried peppers.

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