How to apply for the Italian Schengen Visa for South Africans

Grand Canal, Venice, Italy at sunset on gondolaApplying for a Schengen Visa for Italy as a South African often leaves applicants a little confused and asking “Where do I go? How do I apply? Can I use an agency or do I have to do it myself?” Italy traditionally has consulates in practically every city in South Africa and the rules for how to apply depend on where you live. Here’s making it a little simpler for you:

I live in or near Cape Town

You’ll need to apply in person for the Italian Schengen Visa, if you live in or near Cape Town, from 1 December 2011 you’ll need to do your appointment via Copago, a visa handling agency. Make an appointment online first though for them to see you. The visa requirements are the Schengen Requirements, you can also check the Italian Consulate’s site for more info. If you don’t live in Cape Town, but it’s still your closest Italian Consulate, you can fill out a request form not to appear in person and use a reputable courier to send your application in.

I live in Gauteng, Limpopo, North-West or Free State

You will have to apply with outsourced visa agency Copago or the Pretoria Embassy (only if you live in the Tshwane Metro) for your Italian Schengen Visa application. Pretoria will have it’s own Copago office from 1 February 2012.  These  consulates/embassies advise that you should make the appointment for a minimum of 2 weeks before departure to be safe and a maximum of 3 months before.

I live in KwaZulu-Natal

There is unfortunate news, the Italian consulate in Durban no longer issues Italian Schengen Visas but in which case you’ll need to apply as if you were living in Johannesburg through Copago. This company has said they will be opening an office in Durban from 1 January 2011. There is a chance that you can courier the passport through an agency if you’ve travelled to a schengen country before, we suggest enquiring with a reputable visa agency for more info. The only sure way around it is to ensure your trip to Europe includes a longer stay in another Schengen country, other than Italy, then you can apply through that country’s consulate and hopefully they don’t require you to appear in person in Joburg!

I live in the Eastern Cape or Northern Cape

For applying for a Schengen visa in these provinces, you must use the Cape Town Consulate. Since you don’t live near Cape Town, you can fill out the form not to appear in person, mentioned in the Cape Town section.

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Click here for the application form.

Click here for the  full requirements.

Remember the information on this site was correct at time of publishing, but the consulates reserve the right to change information at any moment and without notice, we recommend using a reputable visa agency to make an application and get up-to-date information.

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Schengen visa basic info

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Our Readers Comments

  1. I’m taking my friend to Italy for her birthday, but she just started her own business. What must we supply when it comes to the letter from your employer for visa purposes?

    • Hi Retha! I’d double check this with the consulate but usually what they need is a letter from the business’s accountant stating the legitimacy of the business, that it is registered with all the appropriate registration numbers. Hope this helps :-)

  2. I would like to travel in Italy, but do not want to make definate bookings. I would like to explore and pay for accomodation when needed. Will this be acceptable for getting a visa for Italy?

    • Hi Jannie! Generally the consulates will require that you pay for everything up-front. I have heard of cases though, when someone has enough money – generally needs to be a lot – you’re allowed to enter the country without definite accommodation plans for the whole stay. Basically the consulate wants to know you’re not going to be a burden on the state, ie without somewhere to stay. They also want to know where you will be so that you don’t disappear into the country never to leave. So having very good reasons to come back to your home country help too – eg a profitable business or a very stable, well-paying job etc etc. Speak to the consulate for their advice too or to a visa agency like :-)

  3. I am traveling to Italy for a eriod of fourteen days on a visitors visa. Everything is paid for already and the iternary it planned to the hour. How much is needed to sustain myself to qualify for the visa?

    My Mother is a pensioner and will accompany me. She can obviously not provide a letter of employment. What is needed then?

    • Hi David, the minimum to my knowledge for a schengen visa currently is R400 per person per day. Regarding your mother, it’s perfectly acceptable to be a pensioner and apply for the visa. If she has any official documentation stating she is a pensioner – eg letter from the pension fund or statements from the pension fund showing pension payments to her account – this should suffice as proof of her state of affairs. Hope this helps :-)

  4. hello. i only recently decided to go to italy. i have an appointment on 29 june 2011, and hope to fly on 11 july 2011. will this be enough time for the visa application?

    • Hi Haseena! This may be a bit tight, especially if you’re applying through the Cape Town consulate as they currently ask for 10 working days in order to apply. I would suggest getting in touch with the consulate to ask their advice or contact to see if they can assist.

  5. Information suoth africa visa apply Information

    thank you

  6. i ma live italy visa apply in suoth africa you give me informatino

    thank you

  7. I have a friend in London on a 6 month UK visa and I want to go visit her and go to Europe. She doesnt have a schengen visa, is there anyone in London that will do a visa for her with only a visitor visa for UK?
    Please help!

    • Hi Amy, generally if you’re in the UK and not on a work/study visa/permit, you will have to return to your home country in order to apply for the visa. Ask her to double check with the consulate she’s wanting to apply to in London, but as far as I am aware, this has not changed.

  8. Hi Nick,
    We are in the process of obtaining our schengen visas for Italy. We are also going on a cruise to Croatia – Norwegian Jan 24 – 20 Sept. Do I need a visa for Croatia (single or multiple) or will the schengen suffice.? I am South African and we depart for Venice 15 September 2011.

    • Hi Pat! Sounds like a great trip you’ve got planned! Croatia does not form part of the Schengen area meaning you would need an extra visa when visiting Croatia. Cruises, however, are often an exception to the rule where the cruise company often stands surety for you when visiting non-schengen countries on a cruise. This depends on the agreement the cruise company has with the government of that state. For this info, you need to contact the cruise company and ask them if you, as a South African passport holder need a visa for Croatia on their itinerary.

  9. Good Morning

    I will be travelling to Italy with my daughter of 14 yrs and wife for our a holiday from the 25 September 2011 to the 4 October 2011. A total of tens days. The Trip was arranged via a travel agent Trafalgar Tours and the tour is called the Italian scene.
    We have a single joint account were all our savings are transferred , as well as individual accounts for salary payments and other deduction. The amounts in the savings is substantial as monies are transferred from my account into the savings . Also note that we are married in community of property.

    Kindly advise whether we need to supply copies of banking statements of the individual accounts, or will the joint saving account will suffice for both my wife and myself.

    Your assistance in this regard will be appreciated. Kindly e-mail your reply to .

  10. Hi Preggy! You should be allowed to provide the single bank statement from my knowledge but you would probably have to provide some supporting document from the bank showing that it is a joint savings account between the two of you. If you have a copy of the marriage certificate, that might come in handy but may really not be necessary. If you want to make 100% sure, give the consulate a call, but generally good, official documentation from the bank is sufficient. Speak to your bank too as they are experienced with visa documentation as no doubt, you are not the first customer they have had in the same situation!

  11. i am arranging a schengen visa for colleagues at work. they are planning a tour through Europe visiting England, France, Italy and either Spain or Germany. I think you are supposed to apply for a schengen for the country you are spending the most time in even if it is not your first port of call. is this correct?
    if they are spending 2 days in 3 of the countries and 3 days in Italy, i apply for an italian visa, correct? will they only issue a visa for the period they will be in italy or for the period covering the other 3 schengen countries too or do i have to apply for visas at each contries visa office?

    • Hi Michelle! Good question, this one gets most people a little confused! You’ve got it right though, it’s for the country you’re spending the longest time in, try ensure that they spend at least 1 day extra in one of those countries, like Italy, as in your example. They will issue you a visa for your entire Schengen stay, not just for Italy. Just remember that England is not part of the Schengen area and they will need a separate visa for the United Kingdom if they visit there.

  12. Hi there

    I’m a student looking to go tour Europe soon. I’ve been told that I need an Italian Schengen visa as I’ll spend most time in italy however I do not have an employment letter and utility bill for proof of residence. Will a letter from my university and an affidavit stating where I live suffice?

    • Hi Refilwe! That’s correct, for students a letter from your university should suffice, it will need to state that you are expected to return to complete your course, dates of your holidays would also help. With regards to proof of residence, if you need it, an affidavit should work, the consulate will let you know if they’re happy with that when you apply. :-)

  13. Hi there, i want to travel to Egypt and from there to Italy with my daughter and her family, 3 adults 1 child. We will be going for 7 days. What would the cost of the visa be and where do my daughter get their visas?

    • Hi Jeanette! The Italian visa will cost in the region of €50 per person applying (payable in Rands), if you use a visa agency, they will charge a handling and courier fee. You can apply through your local consulate (refer to the links in the post above) or through a visa agency. For Egypt, the visa is essentially free, but you do need to apply in advance. You will need to pay any courier fees if you use a visa agency.

      You can contact the Egyptian consulate on (012) 343-1590/1 or one of the following email addresses: /

  14. i will be going on tour through europe but my appointment with the consulate in cape town is only on the 20/07/2011 and my flight is on 04/08/2011.will that be enough time to process my visa?

  15. Hi Nicky, it depends on the consulate, but I am pretty sure that will be enough time! Check with them how long they usually take to process a visa, they should be able to advise you.

  16. i iwant to visit italy on the 1o dec for 1week or 2wees am working i have a work permit is going to expired on 2013 i want to know wen must i submit and wthat is the condition but am not a south africain thank u

    • Hi Eric, I’m afraid I won’t be able to advise you on this too accurately, the conditions of entry can be different for those applying on a work permit. I would suggest contacting the Italian embassy directly to get the most accurate information on (012) 423-0024/25

  17. I am in Orapa Botswana and would like to apply for a Study VISA. I have enrolled with Florence Design Academy in Italy and my course starts in September. Where can I apply for my Study VISA please?

    • Hi Vimabi, I would think you would need to apply through the Italian Embassy in Pretoria, I am not aware of an Italian Embassy in Botswana. For study visas, you will need to get the requirements from the Embassy directly as these are handled differently:

      Telephone No : (012) 423-0024/ 25
      Fax No : (012) 342 5618 / 430-5547
      Street Address : 796 George Avenue, Arcadia Pretoria 0083
      Email Address :
      Website Address :

  18. Dear Paul,
    I am visiting Greece from 29/08/2011 to 5/9/2011 and then I am coming home. I am again departing for Europe on 22 September 2011 and staying untill 15 October 2011 during which time I will be visiting netherlands, italy and germany, with the longest stay in Italy. Will the Italian embassy issue me a visa to cover both trips or do I need to visit the Greek consulate as well? Thank you very much

    • Hi Gerda, if you’re purchasing all the flights, accommodation, insurance etc. by the time of applying for the first visa, they may be able to assist you with a multiple entry visa which extends to the entire duration of your stay. If the consulate can’t give you a solid answer, I would suggest checking with a visa agency like, they may be able to advise better as they deal with all the consulates!

  19. Hi nick
    I live in holland en since short i mate this girl from south africa that i would like her to come see the Netherlands.but she dont have a jop en that could make thing difficult to get visa, what is best way to deal with such an issue? evry advice can help.

    thank you

    • Hi Abbas! Thanks for getting in touch! What the consulate wants to see is that she has a reason to return to her home country and enough means to survive while she is in the Netherlands. Generally documentation which proves she has reason to return home is a letter from an employer stating she has a job and is expected back, a letter from a college or university she is enrolled at stating she is expected to return for her studies, or if she has her own business, a letter from an accountant stating she is the business owner and has business responsibilities at home. Without these, getting a visa could be difficult. For finances while she is there, she needs a letter of surety from you, if you’re going to sponsor her trip or she needs proof of foreign exchange, sufficient to cover her expenses for the duration of her stay. I’d suggest she gets advice from a visa company like as this situation seems a little complicated!

  20. Hi Nick thnx for your fast reply realy appriciate it.
    seems like aint looking good for me.
    if the above thing you named can not be done there is no other option then getting marry i think that the fastest way to get her in holland.
    i will call the holland ambassy in south africa en ask the if there are other options so not..two bad.i will ask her to marry me.
    wish me luck. en thnx for your reply.

  21. Nick. I am working in Pretoria and is here most of the time but my house is in George. I normally fly down every second weekend for a visit. I am staying with a friend and pay accommodation per month. This morning I went to the Embassy for my visa and were told that I must go to Cape Town. Cape Town is fully booked for Visa applications till November and I am booked for a visit from 25 Sept to 9 Oct 2011. What can I do to hand in my application and the one for my wife in Pretoria (She stays in George)?

  22. Hi Nick. i am applying for visa for myself and family tomororow. my 3 children are 11,13,16. do we use the same visa application, because I see there is also a minor visa form, which includes a parent confirmation portion to it? thanks

    • Hi Ian! The minor visa form is for visas where a minor is travelling alone. If they are accompanied by their parents the application can be done with their parents’ application. If only one parent is travelling with the minor though, there may need to be a signed consent letter from the other non-travelling parent, I have heard of a few cases like this in the past. Hope this helps!

  23. Hi Nick,I have read your comments regarding the visa requirements for Italy with interest as my husband and myself and our 2 teenage children (17 & 14 yrs) are booked on a Trafalgar tour to Italy for 8 days and then a trip to Germany for 4 days to visit relatives. Our agent mentioned we need unabridged birth certificates for the children which will take Home Affairs between 8-10 weeks to process which will be after our leaving date! Is the unabridged birth certifcates a requirement for the Italy Schengen visa?

    • Hi Michelle, as fare as I am aware this is a requirement for the Italian visa, but they are willing to accept an application without it if you can include a proof of application for the unabridged birth certificate (a receipt is issued by home affairs) together with an affidavit signed by both parents in front of a commissioner of oaths stating that they are both the parents of that child.

  24. Hi Nick,
    My wife is has an Italian passport, and we’re going to the UK, Italy and Holland in December. I know I qualify for a spouse shengen visa (because I’m a south african citizen), how do I go about getting that visa?

    • Hi Richard! You’ll need to apply through the embassy of the Schengen country you’re spending the longest time in, so in your case it will be either Italy or Holland (I’d suggest spending longer in Italy, since your wife is Italian, it might make it easier for your application. On the form for the Italian Schengen visa, there’s a place to fill in if you’re married to an EU citizen. As far as I am aware, this makes you exempt from paying the visa fee, but if you use a visa handling agency, you’ll still need to pay their fee. Your requirements for the visa will be the same as in the article above, with the addition of a copy of your wife’s passport and your marriage certificate. They may request to see the originals, though they can’t keep these.

      Hope this all helps :-)

  25. i’m an eritrean citizen living in johannesburg so i want visit my sister in italy how could i get visa

  26. and what procedures should i fullfill before i go to the embassy

    • Hi Bartez, if you have residency or a work permit for South Africa, you should be allowed to apply through the Johannesburg consulate. You will need to apply in person though, for more info on applying in South Africa as a foreign citizen – call the Italian Consulate during the mornings: (011) 728-1392/3 you can also get full info here:

  27. Hi Nick,

    Im planning to go to Italy for 2 weeks with my 2 and a half year old daughter. What do i need to do? Does she also need a passport that is at least valid for 3 months?

  28. Hi Nick,

    I’m wanting to go over to italy for a year or two to travel and work a bit, i need to find out what i need to apply for the visa, what kind of visa i should apply for and if you think i have a chance at obtaining one, any infomation you can help me with would be great.

    • Hi Kelly, as a South African it’s not going to be very easy at all to get a visa for that duration. They don’t really want us to work in the EU either so if you were to even mention that, they would deny your application. If you’re looking to go over to Italy for a lengthy stay, the best thing is to either go and study a course there or to go over and work on yachts. There are companies who do placements for working on yachts in the Med, so it might be worth your while going that route. Just google them to find more info. Hope this helps! :-)

  29. Going to Italy on skiing holiday. Flying to Zurich, then either train/bus to Italy. Do I need Switzerland and Italian visas. How do I book appointment for a family of 4 at once. Tried, seems can only book 1 person at a time

    • Hi there! Thanks for getting in touch. If you’ve got your accommodation and transport to Italy sorted, you’ll just need to apply through the Italian consulate.

      Regarding adding people to your application appointment, I just did a test on the Italian consulates site and it seems that towards the bottom of the page you can add up to 3 family members. See here for example:

  30. Hi Nick! Living in Bedfordview, planned to submit visa documentation in Pretoria. Would this be acceptable? Although I see there is an embassy in Johannesburg, I cannot find an address or a telephone number. How then do I go about making an appointment? My time is running out as we depart on 22nd December!

    • Hi Vicky! Thanks for getting in touch. Nope, if you’re in Joburg you have to apply through their new visa handling service, you can find all their details here:

      Hope this helps! :-)

  31. Hi, we are going to Ital, Switzerland and Paris in March 2012. My partner has his own business, not very big, a Sole Proprietor, he does not have an auditor, I assist him with his bookkeeping, what do we need to supply for him when applying?
    Kind regards

    • Hi Gwen. I just called COPAGO, the visa handling agency for the Italian consulate and they have said the following: Provide a letter on your company letterhead stating that both of you are employed by this company and then attach title documents (documents showing that the business is in your husband’s name) to the letter when you apply.

  32. We are travelling to Italy, 3 days, Switzerland 3 days and Paris 2 days, I understand then that I apply for Italy Visa, my partner is self employed, small company, Sole Proprietor, he does not have an auditor, I assist him with his books, what do we need for him as proof of employment?

  33. Forgot to mention we live in Cape Town

  34. Hi Nick trying to arrange a anniversary trip last minute to venice for 27 Jan 2012. Is it possible to get the visa done by then, whats the cost & do I have to show a bank account for a 4 day holiday – ie proof of income/ cash etc – thanks

    • Hi Murray, it should be possible to get your visa by then, but check with their visa handling agency’s call-centre on 087 751 3600. The cost is EUR60 (payable in Rands), there are other services the handling agency may charge you for, so budget on about R800-R900 per person. You’ll need to show that you’ve purchased foreign exchange to the value of about EUR45 per person per day, that shows them that you can afford and have budgeted for the trip.

  35. Hi there. I recently just received my passport and I need to apply for my visa. I’m going to aupair in italy and how do I apply for the visa? How much would it cost to apply? Do I book for a flight first? Can you please advice me on this. The family in italy is expecting me in February. Please help me. Thanx

    • Hi Sibu, if you’re going to aupair in Italy, you’re going to have to approach an aupairing agency who organises work etc for you. You can’t simply get a regular visa for Italy and go and work there, you will need to get a special visa for work like this. The agency would assist with the visa and tell you what documents you require to work in Europe. If you’re not going through an agency, I would suggest contacting the Italian consulate/embassy directly and asking their advice: 012 423 0000 or contact a visa agency to check if they have advice on how to get the visa, try

    • Hi Sibu, I am in exactly the same dilemma as you at the moment, and i would love to know what information you have received about how, as a South African aupair, to get into Italy. (for more than three months)

  36. My wife and I are planninga Contiki trip in June. We currently live in the Eastern Cape, is it still possible to apply for the VISA at the Cape Town Embassy and courier all our documents, instead of going in person?

    Our Travel agent advised us that for Schengen Visas for Italy, France or Belgium we need to travel to Cape Town in person.

    • Hi, I just called the visa handling agency and they insist you have to apply in person in Cape Town. This seems a little silly to me. I would suggest contacting them yourself and seeing if you can’t get an answer from someone else at their offices which is a bit more helpful (to be honest the person I just spoke to seemed a little clueless and unhelpful!) Click here to find their contact details: :-) Nick

  37. Hi Nick. My boyfriend and I are going to Italy for 2 weeks in March. I have a British and South African passport, he has a South African passport. I know that the spouse of a EU citizen may not have to pay the Schengen visa fee, would you happen to know if the same applies to a couple that live together? Many thanks!

    • Hi Debbie! Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately if you’re not married, that rule does not apply. He will have to pay for the Schengen visa and go through in order to apply.

  38. Hi Nick

    I’m a youth worker and desire to be based in Italy with my organistion which is also based in Italy.My other part of the job will intail travelling around to Schengen countries.I would like a 2 year visa.What would i need in order to apply for a Visa.

    • Hi Mpumi! Thanks for getting in touch. You’ll need to deal with the Italian consulate directly on this one. It’s likely that the organisation will need to provide some sort of motivation to allow you to come and work in Italy, especially for that length of time. Generally they need to prove that there are no EU citizens who can do the job as well as you can, so the process can be fairly lengthy, it’s not usually as simple as applying for a work visa and going. I would suggest getting advice from their visa handling office (Copago) on 087 751 3600, they may refer you to the consulate directly, but it should be a good starting point.

  39. Hi,
    Talk about confusing…………my daughter is going on a Contiki trip during her college break, she will be in Italy the longest and I gather needs to apply for her visa from the Italian consulate. We live in Johannesburg, can she go to the consulate in Pretoria or does she need to use the appointed agency. She’s going in July, how long before the time should she apply, can she do so months before?
    Appreciate the help

    • Hi Deirdre! You’re spot on, she needs to apply through Italy for her visa. The visas are now down through only, so you’ll need to visit that site in order to book an appointment. She can apply no longer than 3 months in advance and we suggest applying no less than 1 month in advance to allow for delays. Hope this helps!

  40. I have booked flights to Rome for 31 March for a week. I know I need a schengen visa, but now I seem to have chosen a destination that requires me to visit the office personally. Prior visits to Istanbul Budapest and Prague did not need persoanl visit. I will accompany my wife (British passport) so for her there is no problem. I have heard conflicting reports, that because I live more than 1000 km from Cape Town, I will not have to present myself. I have telephoned the help line however, and they say that I must go to Cape Town. Ironically, I am going to Johannesburg next week and could present myself there, and then use my daughter’s address in Johnanesburg where I regularly stay when I do business in Johannesburg. Should I make the appointment in JHB or go through the whole stress and cost of a trip to Cape Town. The help line insist that I go to Cape Town? What do you advise?

    • Hi Shawn. The new means of applying for the Italian visa is going via their visa handling agency Copago (, it seems like these are the people you called. I know that prior to this, visa agencies like had a special relationship with the Italian consulate to allow one to apply without having to come in for an interview. It’s possible that they can still do this, so I suggest contacting them on 0861 289 270 to get their advice and see if they can still assist.

  41. Hi Nick!

    I am Kenyan based in South Africa, I just changed jobs to a new company and home affairs are still busy with my application for my new work permit(Since October 2011). I plan on travelling to Italy on 11 march 2012 to visit as i wait for work permit finalizations. My dilemma is, CAPAGO won’t take my visa application using my “acknowledgement of receipt” of work permit application from Home Affairs.Fair enough, If i have to go through Kenya,my country of origin, will they grant me a visa or will they transfer me back to South African Italian embassy? My bank is south african hence the bank statements, My letter of employment( in this case job offer and contract ) is for a South African company. What should i do?

  42. Hi Miriam! Thanks for getting in touch. This is a tough one, it’s not often (or ever in my case) to hear of someone applying for a schengen visa without confirmed right to remain in the country.

    Logically I think they’d say apply here in South Africa since you don’t have much showing that you’d return to Kenya, you may have to go through the Italian consulate directly. I would suggest maybe checking with a visa agency if they can help you apply or at least give you some accurate info. Explain what you’ve said above and the dilemma you’re in.

    You can try Visa Express in Cape Town: 021 911 3273 or Pretoria: 012 3467528 or you can try ROSE visas in Joburg on 086 123 VISA (8472) or in Cape Town on 086 111 VISA (8472).

    Hope this helps you!

  43. I have to get a Schengenvisa from Italy – is in Pta; get a form online, but what about the payments? I know sometimes you have to have the exact amount of money with you – and sometimes you have to make a payment in advance; can you please advice me on this, please! Thanks

    • Hi Elna, thanks for getting in touch. If you live in Pretoria, you can apply at the Pretoria Embassy but you must go in person. You must take the payment in South African Rands with you when you apply, currently it’s R655 per person. I’d take a little bit more in case the price goes up.

  44. hi nick, really need your advice i am going to italy on the 28 march and last week i applied for my schengan visa but today they called me and said they required extra info. a cc document of company and three months payslips of mine. I have handed this in today in pretoria as i am from pta, am just worried do you think my visa will be denied? I have to go back on wednesday next week and my nerves cant handle the waiting. besides my money in my account I also already purchased just over 1000 euros. so am all excited> thanks charlene.

    • Hi Charlene, thanks for getting in touch. These documents are pretty standard and if they’re requesting them, it’s usually a good sign. Just make sure you provide everything they ask for. The most common reasons for denying visas are that they are not convinced you have enough motivation to return back to South Africa (ie no job, not enough money etc etc) or that you will be a liability on their economy (ie you have insufficient insurance, you’re likely to run out of money while there or you’re likely to work illegally). If you’ve shown insurance, that you have a job here in South Africa which you are expected to return to, you have sufficient funds for your stay, you know where you’re staying, you’ve purchased your flights and all of that, you should be fine for your visa application.

  45. Hi Nick. I am applying for an Italian visa. My husband has a British passport. Should I fill in the form for spouse of EU/EEA Citizen?

    • Hi Debbie, yes that’s correct! And you should get your visa for free from the consulate (the handling agency may still charge you a fee though).

      Just remember that you must be travelling with your husband for the duration of your trip in order to qualify.

      Hope this helps! :-)

  46. Hi Nick,
    I have just moved back from living in the States for 15 years and am looking to travel before I begin a new job. I am planning to go to Italy and Spain for a few days in April/May. My concern is that being that I have just moved back I am living with family and obviously don’t have employment yet. I do have an email formally inviting me for a job interview in June though. I do have more than enough savings to cover the trip and have proof of all accommodation booked. Are my chances incredibly slim of getting a Schengen visa??
    Thanks for your thoughts and/or suggestions.

    • Hi Ashley, sounds like a great adventure! Your chances aren’t incredibly slim, it’s just a bit more tricky to get the visa. I would suggest making sure you have letters of recommendation from your old job (not sure if this will help but it may be worth a shot). An invitation for a formal interview probably won’t help you unfortunately as it doesn’t guarantee anything. What will help you is if you show that you have more than enough money saved and available to you for the duration of your trip.

      My suggestion is to approach the handling agents for both the Italian and Spanish visas to ask their suggestions as no doubt they should have encountered this before and can provide a bit of a better solution.

      For Italy, visit:

      For Spain, visit:

      To be honest they generally don’t accept the application if they don’t think there’s a chance you’ll get a visa.

      Good luck and enjoy the trip!

  47. Hi Nick
    My husband and me are planning a 16 day trip to Italy in October . We are planning on just to buy return air tickets and to book a hotel room for te very first night . O and a eurorail ticket. We would like to book hotel accomodation as we travel through Italy. Is this possible to do or wont they allowed us visas?

    • Hi Lauretta,

      thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately they don’t allow you to visit the EU without confirmed accommodation for the duration of your trip. I have heard of people being granted visas without confirmed hotel accommodation, but they brought a very large amount of money with them and had been to Europe many times before.

      There are ways to work around this and that’s to book accommodation for the duration of your trip in one or two hotels in say, Rome and Milan for example. Use these confirmations to get your visas and then as soon as you have the visa, cancel the accommodation you don’t need. Most hotels will give you a refund if you cancel at least 2 weeks before arrival, they may hold a small deposit though.

      Hope this helps!

  48. Hi Nick

    My wife and I are planning on visiting Italy for about 10 days in August. We are planning on ending our trip with a 3 night stay in Paris. We live in Kimberley. Do we have to go to Cape Town in person to apply for our visas?


    • Hi Willem,

      according to the info published you do need to appear in person to apply for the visa – though this will be in Johannesburg rather than Cape Town as Joburg is closer to you.

      I would try asking a visa agency like ROSE visas if they have a way around this through a contact in the embassy, it’s definitely worth a shot!

      Tel: 086 123 VISA (8472)
      Regional Manager: Jean Bothma

  49. I can’t find the request form to fill in not to have to appear in person at the Consulate in cape Town when I apply for my visa. I live in Jeffreysbay.

    • Hi Adelaide, unfortunately the Italian consulate recently did away with this form, forcing one to apply in person via their handling agency Copago. You can reach them to query this further on

  50. Hi There, my daughter is currently working on a yacht in Italy. Her visa expires at the end of may. Does she have to come back to south africa or can she use a courier service. or which coutry closer to her can she apply? How can she be excused to appear in person as they are busy with charters now.

    • Hi Ruby, thanks for getting in touch. The general rule is that you cannot extend a visa once over in Europe and have to return to your country of residence to apply for a renewal.

      However it seems she is on a seaman’s visa as she is working on yachts. There’s a possibility that the company who organised her work and visa has a way to organise an extension, so it may be worth checking with them. Failing that, she would need to come back to SA to reapply.

  51. Hi Nick,

    A great site you have here. Your responses are very helpful but having read through, unfortunately, none of them seem to cover my wife’s unique situation

    Here goes, I am a UK citizen, she South African, we are recently married and have an unabridged marriage certificate. My wife plans to travel to Europe (mainly Italy) on a pre-booked, paid tour starting 13th June.
    I am a resident of Saudi Arabia, my wife is currently here with me on a 3 month family visit visa and has her flight to Europe booked from here and has no plan to re-enter South Africa until after the trip. She has no job but we are able to show proof of funds for travel or forex etc.

    Could you help to explain are options

    My main points of concern are:

    -Can she apply for a visa remotely (ie from Saudi by sending documents to agency)?
    -Is it possible to apply to Italian consulate in Riyadh?
    -Does her not having a job impact her?

    Thanks for any help you can give, as you can see this is rather tricky!! and if there’s anything else you feel it would be right to consider we’d really be grateful for your advice.

    Regards Paul

    • Hi Paul, thanks for getting in touch.

      The general rule is that one has to apply from the country where one is a resident. Seeing that you are a resident of Saudi Arabia, they may offer her an exception and let her apply for a visa in Saudi, though this is likely only to be if you are accompanying her on this trip to Europe. There is a chance they will let her apply there if you are not accompanying her, but with these sort of exceptional circumstances there are never any guarantees. The good news is that next to the Greek consulates, the Italian consulates have a reputation for being the most flexible! I would get in touch with the Italian consulate directly to explain the situation and ask their advice. If you have time to email and wait for a written response, even better, you can always take this email along with the application if the respondent says it’s okay to apply from Saudi.

      Now regarding your wife’s employment. This is not always an issue when applying for a Schengen visa. You can say that you are paying for her trip, but they will likely need to see 3 months bank statements from you to prove there are enough funds to support her. Alternatively, if she has enough of her own funds in her account that should be okay too, though I doubt she will be able to get official South African stamped bank statements while over there.

      In short, I think there is a chance she can apply from Saudi, but I think it’s best to get the answer from the horse’s mouth. Find their details here:

  52. Hi, I want to know do i need a Yellow fever injection to go to Italy?


    • Hi Helen!

      Generally you don’t need a yellow fever vaccination to go to Italy. There may be exceptions in the case that you have visited countries with yellow fever in the last few months (eg Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya etc). If you’ve been in SA the whole time you definitely won’t need one.

  53. hi there nick.
    i have recently found a family in italy that is interested in hiring me as a au pair privately. they will apply for the nulla osta, contratto di soggiorno per lavoro, Italian Questura. if all of this say “has” been approved are my chances of being denied a work visa still possible?

    To apply for a work visa would i need an unabridge birth certificate and medical?

    Thanks for all the helpfull information you give… much appreciated

    • Hi Sandy!

      This is a tricky one and I don’t have a lot of experience with work visas for Italy. I would strongly recommend chatting to the Italian consulate privately or chatting to a visa handling agency like ROSE visas, their contact details are here:

      (I know their website looks a little odd, but they have been reliable for us when dealing with them for many years now)

  54. Hi there

    Im a 29 year old south african male…i know a italian that owns a italian horse stud in italy…he wants me to come work for him for the horse show season ( 6-8 months ) in Italy…please advice me on how to go ahead organizing something like this..
    I hope i hear from you soon

    • Hi Chris,

      this is a tricky situation and I would suggest using a visa professional like ROSE visas to assist with the application. It sounds to me like you are going to need to apply for a work permit for Italy. You can contact them on 086 123 VISA (8472)

  55. Hi Nick

    My partners daughter Kimberley (UK citizen) lives with her partner Andrew (RSA citizen)in Port Elizabeth. Kimberley’s sister is marrying in Lucca, Italy on the 20th May and Andrew only received his UK visa yesterday. This does not leave him time to get a schengen visa in RSA nor can he apply here with any certainty when they both arrive in the UK on Sunday 13th May. I put them onto your web-site to obtain a French schengen visa and they understand evrything except whetehr the visa is at the point of entry in France or how long they stay. When they arrive in London they will be here for a week and intend to divert through France to obtain the visa but need clarification before they book the flight. I cannot find your telephone number so hence this mail. Kimberley’s e-mail is ♫

    I can realy the message back to Kimberley but have not been copied in with the mails between you

    Thanks Nick

    Chris Stone

    • Hi Chris,

      thanks for getting in touch. I see that the dates you mentioned above have now passed. I’m sorry I couldn’t get to your query in time, unfortunately we have been a little swamped with work and so free services like this have had to take the back-seat until our paying customers had been seen to.

      I hope everything worked out alright. They would have needed to apply for that Schengen visa form South Africa, under normal circumstances which would have meant there was no way to get the visa, even by the time you contacted us here. I hope the authorities were able to pull some strings for Andrew to get him a Schengen visa in time.

      Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  56. Hi Nick

    My husband works on a Cruise Line that will be sailing to most of the ports in Italy, however the ship will be docked in Barcelona Spain, and from there we will do Italy most of the days. We will also be in dubrovnik croatia for one day. He wants me and our son (9 months old by then) to come and visit him. My question to you is do I apply at the Italian embassy for a schengen visa and if so how long before we go and cruise? Also what is the fee more or less for a multiple entry visa? We will be cruising with him for a month.

  57. hi Paul, do I need any vaccinations for traveling to Italy?

  58. Hey Nick

    I hold a South African passport. I recently applied for a UK visa for two years, as i write to you it is being processed. It takes 15 working days to do so. However im planning to go to Italy, what visa do i need? how long does it take to get an italian visa? I also will be traveling to other countries that use a schengen visa during my two years stay in the UK. Can i get a schengen visa for 2 years?

    Thank you

  59. Hi Nick. My daughter is 19 – she applied for a holiday visum for 62 days. The Personel change this to a study visum (i do not know why???) She will be attending an art school for vacation in Florence ( we decided to fill her time to take language course as well ) visum was denied due to this attending of the language course – they state an ARt 4 comma 2 of tu 286/98. We can contest by means of legal complaint – please advise what we can do or whom we can talk to – everything is paid for – ticktes was booked through travelstart. What now?

  60. Whats the easiest way to get a visa for Italy/France and also Dubai

    • Hi
      Im in the Northen Cape and Im in a process of applying for Italian visa. According to the website in have to apply through the Cape Town office and need not appear in person.
      I have collected all documentation as requested except proof of payment for visa & service fees. How much should I pay and in which account.
      Where should I courier the documents to?

      Kind regards


  61. Hi.
    FRom what I have read the rule is if you on a dreaded South African passport you can only apply for schengen visa in South Africa.I am going to Ireland for a wee bit and thought would be nice and easier to see friend in Italy and apply for visa in Dublin.Is this completely out of the question.This South African passport drama!!!!!

  62. Hi Nick,

    Pleas advise if Mozambican citizens require a schengen visa, specifically if the only country to be visited is Italy. Is there an agency or embassy in Maputo where the applicants can apply?


  63. Good morning

    Can you please give us some updated information regarding the Italian Visa Application process for South Africans?

    I live in East London and I used to be able to apply for my Italian Visas via courier as Cape Town / Johannesburg is too far for me to appear in person. I believe since May 2012 the rules have changed and you MUST appear in person?
    I also believe you HAVE to complete your application online on the CAPAGO site?

    Could you please give us some more information regarding these rule changes, application process and current fees involved?

    Thank you and kind regards

    • Hi Vicky,

      Visa applications must be made though the CAPAGO site and then in person; applications must be made at least 15 business days prior to travel.

      According to their website: “If your permanent residence is Eastern Cape, Northern Cape or Western Cape, you can only apply at Cape Town Application center.”
      I suggest contacting them to find out about the possibility of applying by courier: +27 (0) 87 742 2840, Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

      The cost of the visa is EUR 60 (+/- R671) plus additional service fees applied by CAPAGO.

  64. Hello,

    I’d like to know the requirements and options for marrying an Italian. Is it better to register in SA or Italy? which is easier in terms of processes?
    Would one get a residence permit therefater? Would you know how long it takes?
    Am struggling to find info pertinent to SA and Italy (lots of US and UK).

    Thanks so much

  65. Hi there

    Can I travel to the other Schengan territories with a Schengan visa for Portugal?

  66. Can you get a Schengen visa with a Drunk Driving charge?

  67. In July I am going on a Travelgar European tour, staying 4 days in Italy. As I live in the Northern Cape I would like to use Capago as an agent to get me my visa. Please supply me with more information.
    Thank you very much.
    Marianna Pietserse

  68. Hi there.

    I am from Durban and I need to apply for an Italian Schengen VISA. I read further up that the Italian Consulate no longer issues Schengen VISAS, and that applications will now have to be done with Copango. Please advise if the Copango office in Durban is up and running, and if an appointment in person is neccessary then will it be sufficient for me to visit Copango in Durban? Or if it may be neccessary for me to go to JHB. What is the current position to date? Thanks in advance,

  69. Hi Nick,

    I have 2 questions.
    I work for a cruise line and I’m heading to a ship that is porting out of Rome. I’m flying there through Turkey and catching a connecting flight directly to Rome. What Visa’s do I require for this?
    My other question is what do you know about Italian passports, my grand father is an Italian citizen, can I apply for an Italian passport, if so what documentation will I need?

    Many thanx


  70. hi. Any idea what it costs for a South African applying for a Shengen visa these days? I was last granted a 3 year visa.

  71. hi Nick,

    I am going to Europe June. 11 days in France, 10 days in Italy and 8 days in Greece. Flying in to Paris.
    Is it true and in this case only a one day difference between France and Italy…do i have to apply for the French visa or can i apply for the Italy visa?


  72. Hi dear i hope u can get my text pls i would ask u somethin if u dont mind , i am from tunis and my friend has invite me to see Italy for 2 months ( holiday shcool ) and we’ve done everythin in great way and after short time my visa gets refused reason ( they didnt trust me that i wouldnt come back home ) what must i do now , thank u

  73. Hi, if anyone can help me on this I would really appreciate it.

    Im going to Italy in July and also making a quick trip to Croatia. Croatia will be part of the Schengen states and part of the EU from July 1st, so if I apply for my visa through Italian embassy, as I will be there longest and fly to Italy, I dont need to apply for a Croatian visa? As I will apply for my visa in June and fly early July…

    Many thanks

  74. Hy nick!I want to know if you are temporary residence in south africa and you want to traveling in italy,all the fees will be supporting by the compagny its mean the compagny send u in holy day what you need to do to get the visas

  75. Hi I’m south african how I go about applying for visa for italy and how long does it last

  76. Hi there, nice site :)

    for a Italian visa-d type, can one have it done in a country other than home country? I’m South African, but have to go back to South Korea. From there, I will fly to Italy. Thanks.

  77. I need help my friend was working at irag then took a flight to south africa that was his first time and got a problem when he lend in cape town airport he had a cash and they said it was not supposed to be that much where are we supposed to get help he originate in italy he is supposed to cross to lesotho

  78. Hi we live on a farm in the eastern cape but we are much closer to Durban than Cape Town can’t we do it in Durban rather?

  79. Hey there!

    Can we go apply for a S visa at Joburg without scheudeling an appointment? We are from Bloemfontein and only have certain dates that we can go and they are already fully booked.



  80. I applied for a Italian Shengan Visa on line but omitted to enter the field for National ID number.
    Should I resubmit my application or can I fill it in manually since I have to present myself personally for fingerprinting?

  81. Hi Paul
    My name is Thandi from Cape Town and I have been invited to visit Italy in the next 2months for 20 days ,my host is hosting me through out my staying .but now regarding visa I have no clue where to start and what to flight is booked and paid for the return please help me as to what to do in order for me to get an Italian visa. Thank you

  82. Please can you assist me.
    My son is living in England. He is studying there and has a five year study visa.
    He would like to visit Italy so he needs a Schengen visa.
    Can you please advise me of what he needs and how to go about it
    Or supply me with a website that he can go to to assist him

  83. What are the costs for a Italian Schengen Visa?

    • Hello Colette, thank you for contacting us. At present the fees are approximately R1250 for the Italian Schengen Visa. For more information and application details, click here:

      Hope this helps :-)

  84. Interesting

    This site is very helpful, thumbs up

    I worked with French and Italian visas for just over a year at Capago JHB branch in Sandton.

    In my experience most travelers were clueless about the process,i’m happy to see this site really eases the pressure off visa applications, the rules change from time to time i recently resigned but the information is still fresh.

    willing to help anythime

  85. Hi Nick
    I want some information for Italy visa im not from South Africa but I have Work permit in South Africa can I apply visa on any supporting documents with out bank statement because im get paid but not through bank I have bank account but im not useing it thanks.

    • Hi Ali, you should be able to apply for an Italian visa from South Africa if you hold a valid work permit (valid beyond your date of return to SA). You’ll need to apply through the official handling agency Copago, contact them for more information:

      You may be able to get around this situation with proof of sufficient funds in the form of forex/travellers cheques etc, though I think an active bank statement will probably be needed. Check with Copago what they’ll accept.

  86. Hi, I am Eritrean Passport holder stayn in south Africa Eastern Cape, My girl friend, she is stayn in italy and we have a plan to get married in south africa,and live togathere in italy, what requirement do I need when I apply for the visa?

    • Hi Tatu, Great to hear from you! If one is living in the Eastern Cape and applying for an Italian Schengen visa, you must use the Cape Town Consulate. Since you don’t live near Cape Town, you can fill out the form not to appear in person.
      Please remember this information mentioned on our site was correct at time of publishing, but the consulates reserve the right to change information at any moment and without notice. We recommend you use a reputable visa agency to make an application and get up-to-date information. You are welcome to contact Rose (Republic of Service Excellence) who specialize in visa requirements and they will be able to assist you accordingly. Their contact details are as follows:

      Cape Town Regional Office

      Tel: 0210014440

      Have a great day further!

  87. Hi. My daughter is currently an au pair in New York and her duties ends 7 April. She is allowed to extend her USA visa for 1 month. She would like to fly to Italy on 8 April for a 2 week holiday and then return to South Africa. Can she get a visa for Italy while she is in New York? I phone the Italian Consulate in New York and they mentioned that her USA visa needed to be 3 months long still. Is this the case or should I try again?

    • Hi Hantie,

      Thanks for reaching out. If this is what the Italian consulate have already advised this would probably be the correct information. At the end of the day they are the ones who will be granting the Schengen visa or not. As they specialize in visa’s and requirements they would no what is required and correct procedures to follow. In saying this you could try contact them again to get a second opinion or see if they have another suggestion on how your daughter could go about trying to get her Italian Schengen visa.

      Best of luck and hope your daughter enjoys her time back home :)

  88. Hi help please!!! We are travelling to Italy for a dance competition 20 to 25 oct 2015 2 kids under 12 mum and dad .. do we need an unabridged marriage cert ?? What other documents and how much do we need per day. Thank you

    • Hi Anisha,

      Great to hear from you!

      As of 1 June 2015 under the new law all minors (children under the age of 18) will be required to produce an unabridged birth certificate as well as their passport upon check-in for their flights leaving South Africa, and also upon entering South Africa. This applies not only to South Africans but any nationality passing through South Africa.

      You may contact Rose (Republic of Service Excellence) who will be able to give you the most up to date information on what documentation is required when applying for an Italian Schengen Visa and the correct procedures to follow.

      Rose (Republic of Service Excellence)

      Tel: 0100015060

      Best of Luck!

  89. Hi Nic
    My wife & I live in the E Cape wish to travel to Italy in October.
    The web site says there is a form to complete if you do not wish to travel in person to Cape Town to get a visa, but we cannot find the form. Has this rule changed & must we make an appointment to appear in person.
    Many thanks, Andy

    • Hi Andy,

      Thanks for reaching out.

      This blog was written in 2010 so the rules could have changed since then. My best suggestion would be is to contact the Italian Consulate direct or
      Rose (Republic of Service Excellence) who specialize in visa’s and they would be advise and assist accordingly.

      Their contact details are:

      Consulate of Italy

      Address: 2 Grey’s Pass, Gardens, Cape Town, 8000, Peninsula, South Africa, Dean Street, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 7974
      Phone:021 487 3900

      Rose (Republic of Service Excellence)

      Cape Town Regional Office

      Tel: 0210014440

      Best of Luck!

  90. Hi I am an Indian passport holder on a quota work permit here and I am working…I want to travel to Europe on schengen visa…what is the procedure of obtaining a visa from South Africa please guide me through

    • Hi Shekhar,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      When applying for a Schengen visa the country you are staying in the longest will need to grant you the visa.

      I suggest you contact Rose (Republic of Service Excellence) who specialize in visa’s and they will be able to assist and advise you accordingly.

      You will just need to provide them with all details and documentations which they will be able to let you know what they need.

      Johannesburg Regional Office

      Tel: 0100015060

  91. I have been to Madrid before and got a 6 month Schengen Visa. The 6 months was approved because I had proof of conference registrations, one in November 2013 and the other in April 2014.

    I now intend going to Austria in March (I have invitation letter for business meeting) and Italy in May/ June (holiday). Is it possible that I can get a VISA for 6 months again?

    Many thanks in advance.

    • Hi Shake,

      Thanks for reaching out.

      This really depends on country to country. Every Consulate has different procedures, rules and requirements. If one has all the correct documentation they require as well as sufficient funds this does stand in ones favor.

      Best would be to contact the Austrian Embassy and see what they say, as they are the ones would be able to advise if they will consider granting a 6 months visa or not.

      Austrian Consulate General in Cape Town, South Africa

      Protea Hotel Sea Point
      Arthur’s Road, Sea Point 8005
      Cape Town

      Telephone (+27) 21 430 5133

  92. Hallo

    My boyfriend and I are going to Venice Italy the 15th May 2015 and I would like to find out, I own my own business. What paperwork must I take with? I also still stay with my parents, do they just have to write a letter saying I still stay with them and a water and lights bill? What is the minimum that has do be in your account because all are stuff is payed for and we are going on a cruise (Greek Islands ) so we don’t have to pay for food or drink. It will just be spending money what we have to take with.

    Thank you

    • Hi Magdeldt,

      Great to hear from you.

      Sounds like an amazing holiday you have planned.

      When applying for a Schengen visa you will need to provide a 3 month bank statement along with your flight ticket, proof of paid accommodation if you are not only cruising, confirmation of your cruise, letter of employment, and resent pay slip. If you own your own business they will need to see documents of this.

      The consulate also requests that each traveler has sufficient funds for the duration of their holiday. This is roughly R400 – R600 per day. (this amount could have changed since this blog was put up)

      I would recommend you contact Rose (Republic of Service Excellence) they specialize in visa’s and would be able to provide you with the most up to date information on all the necessary requirements needed when applying for a visa.

      Johannesburg Regional Office

      Tel: 0100015060

      Best of Luck!

  93. Hello,

    I am planning to go and visit my boyfriend’s family in italy and I would like to apply for a visa. I will be staying with the family and I wont have to pay for anything. I saw that one of the requirements for a visa is 3 months bank statement. I dont really earn much money and my bank statement dont look good at all and I am worried that they might deny my visa in this regard. I am not planning on visiting any other country apart from italy. Please advise.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Nikki,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      A 3 month bank statement is a requirement the Embassy needs to see before they can make the necessary decision if they will grant a visa or not. It’s not really about the amount one earns as as one has pensioners traveling abroad, students or even scholars. You will however need to prove that you have sufficient funds for the duration of your stay. The amount is roughly R400 – R600 per day.

      There are other important documents which will need to be handed in with your application, letter or employment, Travel Insurance, letter of invitation letting the Embassy know that they will be your hosts while visiting, return flight ticket etc

      You are welcome to contact Rose (Republic of Service Excellence) who specialize in visa’s and they will be able to assist with the most up to date information and procedures to follow. I would suggest you call and just check on the amount of funds you would need per day as this could have changed.

      Best of Luck!

    • Hi Nikki Please please tell me how it goes as i want to travel to Italy in July but i have the same dilemma as you with the bank statements. i will also be living with my boyfriend.

    • Hi Bridgett,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      One can apply for a Schengen visa up to 3 months prior to departure.

      You will need a recent valid 3 months bank statement, letter of invitation or proof of paid accommodation, your passport must be valid for 6 months after your return date of travel and have 3 blank pages in it. Proof of sufficient funds R500 – R600 per day per person and return flight ticket.

      The application form must be complete and one would need 4 or 6 passport size photographs.

      However I would suggest you contact the Italian consulate and they will be able to assist with all the most up to date information and documentation required when applying for the visa.

      Their contact details:

      011 728 1392

  94. I would also like to know how much I would have to pay for travel insurance and the visa as well.

    • Hi Nikki,

      We can assist with Travel Insurance, it would be R36 per day. An additional R99 anti fraud process fee will be charged if you pay via credit card.

  95. hello trust you are well ….
    i have and Italian passport got married to a South African with a RSA passport now we want to go on holiday to Italy whats the easiest /quickest way for her to get a visa …..
    or because she is travelling with me she does not need a visa ??
    any advise …. or she must still apply for a visa but it might be free ???

    • Hi Marco,

      Great to hear from you.

      To my knowledge she will still need to apply for a visa. The process might be easier being married to an Italian passport holder. They could offer a spousal visa. I would suggest you contact the Consulate General of Italy in Johannesburg on (+27) 11 728 1392 or (+27) 11 728 1393 and they should be able to advise accordingly.

      Best of Luck!

  96. Hi, I am planning on going to Italy in Decemeber, and take it that i have to apply at most 3 months prior — my concern is the +/_50 euro a day. I intend to visit for two weeks, with flights, accommodation and some tours pre-paid before the trip, moreover, i am a recent graduate doing the trip “backpacking style”, would this +/_ 50 euro most likely still apply to me?

    • Hi Terrence,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Yes this applies to any person applying for a Schengen visa. If they do not meet the visa requirement, this could be the reason a visa will be denied.

      We suggest you have all the required documents when applying to avoid any disappointment.

      Have fun on your travels around Europe.

  97. Hi, my husband and I would like to go to Italy for 3-4 days and then to Turkey for 5 days. What will we need, it is in May, will we get the required documents in time?

    • Hi Bianca,

      Thanks for getting in touch!

      South African passport holders applying for an Italian Schengen visa will need to apply in person with all the required documents. Please find below:

      Italy ­ Tourism ­ Short Stay
      For all persons travelling to Italy for Tourism purposes on trips equal to or less than 90 days.
      For everyone, please provide:
      Cannot be older than 10 years and must be valid for at least 3 months from date of return with 2 valid, blank
      and consecutive pages.
      For Non­S.A. Passports, please provide a valid South African permit (at least 6 months from the date of
      return). Copies of previous Schengen visas that have been issued in last 3 years to be submitted.
      Schengen Application Form
      All necessary fields to be completed (online form is recommended for better legibility, please print and bring it
      to appointment, alternatively click here to download it). Form must be signed by applicant. In case of minors,
      the form must be signed by one of the parents.
      Colour ID Photos
      2 recent colour ID photos taken within past 6 months as required by Schengen Standards. Photos can be
      taken at Capago office (Cape Town and Johannesburg only). Background must be white. Please click here for
      further specifications found under the heading ‘Passport Photo Requirements’.
      Proof of Transport
      Copies of return flight bookings from South Africa as well as entry in to Italy or other Schengen countries must
      be provided with name of applicant on booking.
      International Health Insurance
      One or two page health insurance policy certificate to be provided (Schedule of benefits, policy wording or
      claim form is not required). Must display name of insured person, policy number, amount (minimum € 30,000)
      and duration of cover. Insurance must provide for evacuation, repatriation and emergency transportation as
      well as emergency in/out of hospital medical treatment.
      Proof of accommodation
      Copies of accommodation bookings / tours for the period of stay in the Schengen area. Applicants hosted by
      friends or family must have a Host Declaration / Lettera D’Invito form completed by their host and
      accompanied by a copy of their ID.
      Proof of funds
      Recent 3 months bank statements or credit card statements or forex receipt (full name of applicant must
      appear). Approximately 30 euros per day. Dependents who are sponsored will require a letter from their
      parent or spouse accompanied with a copy of their bank statements and ID.
      Proof of employment (if applicable)
      Confirmation of employment on company letterhead and pay slip if applicable. If owner of company, provide
      the company registration documents, or SARS tax returns.

      You can apply for the visa up to 3 months prior to original date of departure. The processing time can take anything from 48 hours – 1 week might be longer. The sooner you apply the better.

      Traveling to Turkey the application process is really not all that bad, in fact you don’t need to send your passport in, it doesn’t cost you a cent and it only takes 10 minutes. Just note that this is only for people staying less than 30 days.

      Select that you are an SA citizen: the application is then free of charge
      Print out your e-visa and keep it with you throughout your trip to Turkey – you may need to present it when you leave as well.

      The above information could change at anytime, so we suggest you contact the Italian and Turkish Embassy for the most up to date information.

  98. Hi Marcelle

    Thanks for the handy info.
    Can one apply directly to the Italian consulate or does one have to go trough Copago?


    • Hi Lindie,

      Only a pleasure for the info provided.

      When applying for an Italian Schengen visa you’ll need to apply in person.

      Best of luck

  99. I am living in George in the Western Cape, which is 450 km from Cape Town and 320 km from Port Elizabeth.
    Do I have to travel to either one of these cities to apply for a visa (prefer Cape Town) or can I apply on-line?
    If I have to travel there, how and where do I make an appointment?
    Thank you.

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      To my knowledge you would need to apply in person. I would suggest you contact the Italian Consulate directly who should be able to give you the most up to date information on the correct procedures to follow and making an appointment.

      Their contact details are:

      Tel: 021 487 3900

      Have a great day!

  100. please i wanted to tarvel from south africa to italy but i need to know d application i have to bring,so i will have visa

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      The following documents are required when applying for a Schengen Visa:

      The application form must be fully completed and signed in the corresponding blanks.
      One photo is to be attached; the photo must have a passport format, full-face capture, and a light background. The photo must be recently taken.
      The passport as well as all the copies of your previous visas, valid for at least 3 months prior to your departure is required. The passport must have at least two blank pages. a Current bank statement (for the last 6 months) The detailed itinerary of the traveling days in the Schengen Zone, hotel reservations or a formal invitation letter by a resident of a Schengen country.
      One must have a copy of the reservation of the return ticket for the time intended to be travelling.
      The travel medical insurance policy is to be secured, covering any medical emergency with hospital care and travel back to ones native country due to medical motives. This health insurance policy has to cover expenses up to 30,000 euros, the sum depending on the residing days, and also it has to be valid in all Schengen countries. The health insurance policy must be purchased before picking up the visa and in your visa is refused you can cancel it!
      Proof of sufficient funds for the duration of your stay. This is roughly R450 – R500 per person per day.

      I would suggest contacting the Italian Embassy before applying to get the most up to date information as this could have change at anytime.

      Consulate General of Italy
      Address: 37 1st Ave, Johannesburg, 2198
      Phone:011 728 1392

      Best of Luck!

  101. Good day

    We are leaving on the 02 April to Italy for 9 days on vacation. We are intending to do paper work, application this Friday 20 March. Will our visa be ready before we leave?. desperate, all flight paid. SA Government employee,

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch!

      Unfortunately there is no fixed answer to this particular question due to different time-frame policies of the embassies/consulates in different parts of the world. Nevertheless it’s highly recommended to apply for a Schengen visa around six weeks prior to ones departure, in order to make your trip as planned.

      Although it takes no more than 72 hours for processing a visa in general, there are times when this process takes quite much longer, for 14 up to 21 days in some countries concerning some citizens.

      I would suggest contacting the Italian Consulate to see what they advise as they will be processing the visa and would be able to clarify further.

      Consulate General of Italy
      Foreign Consulate
      Address: 37 1st Ave, Johannesburg, 2198
      Phone:011 728 1392

  102. Good day thanks for assisting us, my question, Will travel to Italy. Next week
    using official passport. Do I need I visa. Or what are the requirements. I have a letter from my department.

    • Hi Naledi,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      If you are traveling on a South African passport you will require a Schengen visa to enter Italy.

      You would need to contact them immediately to see if they will be able to process a visa for you withing the required time, as you mentioned you departing next week.

      You will also need to have all your required documents when applying.

      Consulate General of Italy
      Address: 37 1st Ave, Johannesburg, 2198
      Phone:011 728 1392

      Best of Luck!

  103. Hi Guys
    I am traveling to Italy and prague on the 21st of April. I have a British and SA passport. I will leave SA on my SA passport (I’ve got 5 months validity – Capago confirmed 3 months validity from date of return is fine?) I will then use my British passport when I arrive in Italy – I’ve been told I don’t need any schengen visa.
    Can you confirm the above

    • Hi Marc,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      If you have your valid British passport with you at check-in and immigration you will not need a Schengen visa to enter Europe.

      With regards to the validity of your passport, it needs to be valid for 6 months after date of return.

  104. Many thanks, I’ve got it in writing from both Emirates and Capago that validity is 3 months? I arrive back on 7th May and my passport expires end of September – surely I won’t have issues especially if I take written correspondence?

    • Hi Marc,

      Unfortunately we are not able to advise if you will have a problem. We have been informed that passengers passports must still be valid for 6 months after date of return. Which is the information we provide to our our customers

  105. Hi
    I m Pakistani holder passport in in South Africa

    How I can get easy visa for Schenectady ?

    • Hi Shahbaz, thanks for contacting us. If you’re going to Schenectady, New York (USA), you’ll need an American Visa. You can only apply for this if you have a valid residency/work permit for South Africa to my knowledge. You have to apply directly through the US Embassy for your visa too. Find more information here:

  106. Hi there, we are planning a family trip to Croatia for 2016, but will be entering through Venice, staying over in Trieste and then going on to Croatia. After about 8-9 days in Croatia, we will be travelling to Italy by Ferry and spending another 2 or 3 days there and then flying out from Venice again.
    Will an Italian (Schengen) visa get me into Croatia? Or do I need a Croatian visa as well.
    I would also like to know when Copago offices open in January 2016, as we will be making an appointment as early as possible in January.

    • Hi Marietjie, thanks for reaching out.

      If you hold a valid multiple entry Schengen visa (which you can get through Copago for Italy), valid for the entire duration of your stay in Croatia, you shouldn’t need another visa for Croatia. That’s how it is at the moment. Croatia are set to join the Schengen Area shortly though. They were supposed to announce it sometime this year but we’ve heard nothing yet.

      As for Copago’s opening dates, I have no idea, though I would think it’s only the public holidays which they’re closed for. You can also apply only 3 months or less before your departure. Usually no less than 15 working days before departure either.

      Try calling them a little closer to the time on +27 (0) 87 231 0313 they may have an idea of when they’ll be closed during that time.

  107. Hi there, I am flying to Istanbul from South Africa. There I am boarding a cruise liner and will be in Greece for 2 days, Malta for l day and Italy for 3 days. From Rome I’ll be flying back to S.A. I live in the Eastern Cape (close to Port Elizabeth). Firstly, do I get a Shengeen visa through the Italian consulate? Secondly, do I have to go to Cape Town to apply for the visa? Thirdly, I am not employed (I’m a farmer’s wife) – what will they need as an explaination to being unemployed?

    • Hi Rosemary,

      Thanks for getting in touch!

      When applying for a Schengen visa you will need to either apply at the country which is your first point of entry or the one where you will be visiting the longest.

      Every consultate is different with regards to application processes. I suggest you contact the Embassy direct where you will be applying and ask if you can go through a visa company, apply online or if you would need to apply in person.

      As long as you have sufficient funds and can prove this as one of the visa requirements is a 3 months bank statement, and you are able to provide all the other necessary documentations then you should not have a problem.

      Best of luck!

  108. Hello

    So I am a South African woman and planning to get married to an Italian man in 2 months,when my boyfriend asked the embassy in Italy of the documents we require they told him we need to have the nulla osta,and that I need to apply for it here in South Africa but I don’t know where to go and there is no information on the net about it.please help I’m confused.

    • Hi Zee,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Are you wanting to apply for a Schengen visa or are you planning on immigrating to Italy.

      I suggest you contact the Italian Embassy in South African directly, they should be able to assist with any queries you might on a Nulla Osta and where to obtain in and the correct procedures to follow when applying.

      Best of Luck!

    • Hi Zee,

      I am going through the exact same process at the moment. The South African Consulate in Rome process the Nulla Osta document. You will need an unabridged birth certificate and a letter of no impediment from your local Department of Home Affairs. I am liaising with Daniela Russo at the consulate and she is a fantastic help! Once you receive your Nulla Osta you will then need to check what the local municipality where you will be getting married about what they require you to submit to legalise the marriage. Good luck and I hope this helps!!

  109. Hi,
    I am a student in South Afrfica and my permit study will expire in two months. I want to join my father in italia for one week and I wonder if I can apply directly in south Africa or I have to go back in my country and apply there then.
    If it is possible, what am I going to furnish?

    Thank you

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      I am not sure what passport you hold, but I suggest you contact the Italian Embassy and they should be able to give the most up to date information on if you are able to apply for a Schengen visa here in South Africa or if you need to apply in your home country.

  110. passport is Egyptian. now I work in south Africa.I get south african work parmit.plz tell me ho I can go Italy.
    And my cazen he Italy setzen

    • Hi Roumany,

      Thanks for reaching out.

      I’m afraid I won’t be able to advise you on the requirements for Egyptian passports (we specialise in South African travellers) so you’ll need to check with the Italian consulate direct on what is required when applying for a Schengen visa.

  111. Hi there

    Im trying to find out the price of visas for Italy. Most sites are saying 60 euros pp which is reasonable but when i look at the Capago site, it gives the consulate fees as R800 (euros) and Capago fees R300 which they say have to be paid together, which is about R1120 pp. I

    m a little confused, what is Capago exactly and why do i need to pay the additional Capago fees? and can i go directly to the consulate instead of them?

    thank you

    • Hi Sumaiya,

      Thanks for reaching out.

      I have gone onto Travelinfo and found the following information.

      Kindly note it also mentions on the website, “visa information is not guaranteed. Kindly confirm details with the relevant authorities.”

      The Visa Fees are set in Euros and the Rand values are subject to changes based on the exchange rate. Therefore the Rand value of the fees might change between the date when you book your appointment and the day you have your appointment. This rule applies as well for the Capago service fee (25 euros).

      14% VAT Included for Capago services. No VAT applies on Consulate fees
      Visa Type Consulate Fees (ZAR) Capago Fees (ZAR)
      Short Stay Schengen Adult (over 12 years) R806 R322.28
      Short Stay Schengen Minor (6 – 12 years) R470 R322.28
      Short Stay Child (under 6 years) Free Free

      Prices are subject to change at anytime, and we recommend you contact the Italian consulate direct to get the most up to date visa fees

  112. Hi,
    we going to Italy in September from the 30 Aug till the 17th of sept. we will also be in Israel from the 7th to the 16th.. are there any other requirements/complications for that??

    • Hi Rafael,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      As a South African passport holder I can let you know that no visa is required for Israel. With regards to any other requirements I am not sure, for this you would need to contact the Israeli consulate direct with any queries you might have and they should be able to answer any questions you might have.


      Embassy of Israel
      428 Kings Highway, Lynnwood, Pretoria
      Private Bag X50, Menlo Park, 0102
      Tel: (012) 470-3500
      (These telephone numbers are for the Embassy and the Consulate)
      Fax: (012) 470-3555
      O/hrs: Mon – Thurs 09h00 – 13h00.
      Fridays – 09h00 – 12h00.

      Tel: (012) 470-3511 / 543 Fax: (012) 470-3561
      O/hrs: 09h00-13h00 Mon – Thurs.
      Fridays: 09h00 – 12h00
      E-mail: OR

  113. Hellow there! I have been to capago yesterday for my visa appointement, my forms were not submitted bcz of the insurance tht did not cover the last day I will be leaving schengen area. My appointement ws reschedulated for next week the 28th so as to call my insurance and let them add the last day,i have done all tht am waiting for the 28th now, my question nw is do I have to take another bank statement or I continue with the one tht I took for yesterday,? I leav everything as it is? Bcz everythin ws checked and correct except the insurance. ANd also if I print new bank statement my balance would be higher thhan on the statement I submitted yesterday because of my salary payement I just got recently, will replacing the statement a problem? Thank u.

    • Hi Balie,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      What I would do is take both, to be on the safe side. It really can be a tricky process when applying for a visa, and one always wants to have the correct documentation first time around when applying. So best to have both the old bank statement and your most recent want.

      Alternatively you are welcome to contact the British Embassy direct to see what they suggest:

      British Consulate in Cape Town
      Address: 15th Floor Southern Life Centre 8 Riebeeck Street , 8001 Cape Town
      Tel: 27 (0) 21 405 2400

      British Consulate in Pretoria
      Address: 255 Hill Street, Arcadia, 2 Pretoria
      Tel: 27 (0) 12 421 7500
      Fax: 27 (0) 12 421 7555

  114. hi Marcelle thank u for your response, bt I am visiting Italy. I am doing Italian visa… I m sorry I did’nt mention it before. Can I have their contacts numbers as u have suggested above.? Thankz again

    • Hi Balie,

      I have done a search for the Italian Consulates details.

      Please see below and they should be able to assist with any queries you might have.

      a) The Italian Embassy
      796 George Ave., ARCADIA 0083.
      Tel: (012) 423 0024-25
      Fax: (012) 342-5618 (Consular)
      Visa section office hours:
      0900-1130 everyday EXCEPT Tue and Wed afternoon 1400-1600

      b) Consulate-General of Italy
      37 Cnr. First Ave. and 2nd Street
      Houghton Estate 2198,
      Johannesburg 2001.
      PO Box 46306 Orange Grove 2119.
      Tel: 011 7281392
      Fax: 011 728-2523
      Office hours:
      Mon-Tue-Thurs-Fri: 09h00 – 11h30
      Wednesdays Closed

      c) Consulate of Italy
      2 Grey`s Pass, Gardens, CAPE TOWN 8001.
      P O Box 15865, Vlaeberg, 8018
      Tel: 021 4873900
      Fax: 021 4240146

  115. Hi there,
    My fiancée and I are getting married in August and we would like to honeymoon in Venice. I understand we will need to get an Schengen Visa through Italy, however, my issue is that, we are Zimbabweans with expiring work permits. We have submitted applications for new work permits and they are not out yet, will this be a major issue in the issuance of the visa.

    • Hi Janet,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Honeymooning in Venice sounds amazing :)

      When applying for a Schengen visa you will need to present all the correct documentation: Few of them being, sufficient funds in your account (6 months bank statement) letter from your job saying you are employed, proof of accommodation, return air ticket etc

      I won’t be able to advise you on all the requirements for a Zimbabwean passport holder so I would suggest you contact the Embassy direct to see what information they provide you with as they are the ones who will be granting the visa.

      a) The Italian Embassy
      796 George Ave., ARCADIA 0083.
      Tel: (012) 423 0024-25
      Fax: (012) 342-5618 (Consular)
      Visa section office hours:
      0900-1130 everyday EXCEPT Tue and Wed afternoon 1400-1600

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