How to book travel over the Internet

Here is the Travelstart guide to making a hassle-free booking over the internet:

1. Choose your flight carefully.

Some people think that the flight schedules we publish are a joke. Some people think you can choose a flight and then come back later to change it. Not so. Once it is booked it is booked. So be very careful when you choose your flights.

2. type in your details carefully.

Yes, you actually need to spell you name correctly. Every day people mis-spell their name. This causes a lot of hassle when the airline wont accept their ticket. In many cases you actually have to purchase a new ticket.

3. Make sure you choose your correct add ons products.

We dont force anyone to buy anything from Travelstart. However you can choose to add an SMS Alert to your shoppi.jpgng basket so that you have your schedule in you mobile. That way you wont need a print when you check in. Simply present your SMS to the check in staff.

You can also choose our great add ons like cancellation policy and airline liquidation policies. These are great products and will protect you if an airline falls belly up or if you get sick. Every year we pay out millions to people who got sick and couldnt travel. That way you protect your travel dollars.

These products are not compulsory.

4. Use your credit card.

Paying by credit card is the best way. It speeds up the process and in some cases gives you both extra miles and extra travel insurance.

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