Icelandic government and Visit Iceland promote Iceland in Inspire Iceland campaign

Volcanic eruption, from

It might not be the most obvious place to go to in light of recent happenings, but the Icelandic government has teamed up with Visit Iceland and set up the Inspire Iceland campaign.Its aim is to ensure travellers that Iceland still is a safe destination to travel to, inspite of what many people might expect. I mean I too wouldn’t want to be caught in the middle of scorching lava as soon as I step out of my idyllic holiday cabin. And if that wasn’t frightening enough. Remember all those images of people having to sleep at the airports while others were trying to make their way home by whatever means possible costing them many arms and legs? However, travelling to the source of all evil might prove to be the safest travel option yet. The island was actually the least affected by all disruptions and while one of the airports was closed at the hight of all the problems, the other was still operating. So no one was actually stuck there. Also most attractions are far removed from the infamous volcano, so no need to run for your life if it erupts again. Besides, activity of the Eyjafjallajökull has now dwindled and it only seems to be spitting out tufts of smoke at the moment. If that is not reassuring enough there is a volcano watch that gives daily updates of seismic activity. There are even loads of touroperators on the island that are organising adventure trips to visit the Eyjafjallajökull itself. You might want to triple check that volcano watch report before booking one of these though. If you were one of those people stuck in some godforsaken place because of the ash cloud, this is your chance to get face to face with the culprit. Alhtough I am not quite sure how to take revenge on a volcano. Surf to for more information on these adventure excursions.

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