Important Changes for South African Visitors to the UK

The British government have announced changes to their visa requirements for South African nationals who wish to visit, or transit via, the United Kingdom.

From 3 March 2009, South African nationals seeking to visit, or transit via, the United Kingdom will need to obtain a visa before travelling. There will be a temporary exemption to this requirement for those who have previously travelled to the UK on their current passport.

If you are travelling to the United Kingdom for the first time, or if your current passport does not contain evidence supporting any previous travel to the UK (i.e., a UK arrival stamp), you will need to apply for a visa.

If you have previously travelled to the United Kingdom using your current passport, you will qualify for the exemption and will not need to apply for a visa during the exemption period.

Please click here for information on applying for a UK visa. Unfortunately all applicants will have to apply in person due to the requirement of Digital Fingerprinting.


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Our Readers Comments

  1. This is good move by UK for the security purposes. South can also make the same laws for UK visitors.

  2. Check out my blog on the visa situation in the UK

  3. Just passing through UK, as in a stop off to change flights you will need a visa. Thats more money to an already expensive trip. And more hassles too.

  4. The difference is that South Africa need international tourists & it would be madness to deter people who want to visit our country.
    The decision by the British Government wasn’t taken lightly. The only reason why they have thought it necessary by introducing visas was because the South African Government could not guarantee that all the passports issued by Home Affairs were issued to bona fide South African citizens.

  5. If we need to get a visa to enter or transit the U.K, then S.A should apply the same policy to the ‘Brits’.
    They should also have to apply for a ‘costly’visa to enter S.A.

  6. Check out the following website .
    This website offers some very good information on the new UK visa procedures & requirements.

  7. This is shocking, and the UK goverment gave SA plenty warning to tighten their belts. And yet again SA did nothing. Now we suffer. Sigh

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