Increased security to fly to US

Many of you have already read that there is now increased security for passengers flyting to the United States. The reason is of course that a man managed to smuggle onboard explosive materials in an attempted terrorist attack on a plane from Amsterdam to Detroit.

Different airlines are choosing different methods. It has been reported that some are allowing less hand luggage now, that they are taking away the pi.jpgllows and blankets or don't allow people to use them or keep other small objects in their laps (like newspapers and pens) during the last hour. Some airlines neither allow passengers to use the lavatories during the last hour either.

I was flying with Scandinavian Airlines straight into New York the other day and the only difference with them was a rigorous security control of all passengers. Every single item in the hand luggage was taken out and looked through down to flicking through the receipts in the wallet and checking packages of chewing gum. There is also thorough body check but at least you get to keep your clothes on.

But you can all guess that things like this take a long time. Normally I arrive to the airport 1,5 hour before departure but this day I was there 2,5 hours before. A lot of people arrived later and the lines were really big then. When the plane was scheduled to leave there were still people waiting to be searhed. So do yourself and your fellow travelers a service and arrive early if you are flying to the US these coming weeks.

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