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Hi everyone! My name is Jeff; I’m a Canadian who currently lives in Malmö, Sweden, and I’m really excited to be a new blogger at Travelstart South Africa!

Since 2003, I’ve been fortunate to have stumbled my way across more than 25 countries and 120 cities. It’s been a wonderful journey – I’ve found the people of the world to be friendly, accommodating, and remarkably talented at communicating without a common language.

When home in Sweden, my days are spent as a freelance writer and university student – that is, when I’m not planning my next travel adventure!

I will be blogging about all things travel, including places, travel tips, current trends and news, along with some of my favourite stories from around the globe. I hope my posts might inspi.jpgre some travels of your own!

Our Readers Comments

  1. Hi Jeff,
    Welcome… and don’t wish for the high temperatures here in Africa! This Christmas (in South Africa) is going to be a scorcher!

  2. Hej Susanna! Thanks for the note.
    I like your country so far! Although, I would prefer to be in Nairobi today and enjoying the 27 degrees.
    Best of luck to you in Nairobi.

  3. Hej & welcome to Travelstart, Jeff! My name is Susanna and I´m also blogging here. I am a Swede living in Nairobi, Kenya

  4. Thanks for the note! I agree with you; Sweden is beautiful most of the year, but it’s best enjoyed when it’s a bit warmer than the 0 degrees it is today. Brrrrrrrr…. I need a vacation.

  5. Welcome, Jeff. I’ve been through Malmö, unfortuanately did not stop there but you stay in one beautiful country (Stockholm is in my top 5 cities). Looking forward to reading your blogging.

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