Jet Blue Flight Attendant Jumps ship

Have you ever toyed with the idea to just tell your boss to stuff it and walk out of the office on the spot? I know I have on numerous occasions. Well Steven Slater did just that, albeit with a little more drama and panache. Steven who worked as a flight attendant for Jet Blue decided that after he got yelled at by one of his passengers that it was time to leave. He grabbed the PA and after telling off the abusive passenger he announced that after 20 years of flying it was time to hang his hat. He opened the door of the plane that had just landed at JFK airport and slid down the emergency slide after grabbing two beers from the trolley car. (nice touch)And then he went home. Steven has turned into somewhat of an online hero and his Facebook page has now thousands of fans. It certainly takes some guts to do this. Guts that I wished I had had in more than one occasion in my working life. How I wanted to walk out of the office after my boss told me I would never get the promotion I was after, or that time when a co-worker decided that it was ok to take her break up with her boyfriend out on me. And I really wanted to do it when another boss asked my breasts how my weekend was. Loud typing, bad eating manners, annoying habits of picking noses and other body parts. I could go on and on about the things that can make workers go wild and want strangle someone in the office with the phone cord. (and here I mean me). So Steven Slater, I salute you. The only thing downside in this story is that Steven might end up having to do time for seven years. So do think twice before you stage your exit. Or you might end up exchanging your cubicle for a prison cell.

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