Explore Johannesburg city on the Red Bus Tour

There’s no better way to explore the city of Johannesburg than hopping on a bright, cheerful and fun-filled open top bus tour. This city sightseeing tour will certainly teach you something new about the city of gold, even if you’ve visited before or live here. You are sure to have a fantastic adventure by experiencing the city like you have never before. Firstly, this is a highly informative tour and also safe and fun. Secondly, it’s extremely convenient because you can simply hop off and back on when you please, allowing you plenty of time to explore all of the hottest spots in the city.

Johannesburg city tour

The Johannesburg red bus tour is recognised worldwide since it is a part of City Sightseeing, which was created in 1999 in Spain. Today, many tourists opt to explore several cities internationally by booking their seat on this tour. It has become a well-known feature in almost 100 locations, including Cape Town. The buses operate seven days a week, 365 days a year, that’s right – even on holidays.

the red bus city tour

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Outline of tour

There are a total of 16 stops that will take you to over 20 of Johannesburg’s top attractions. The tour within Johannesburg is separated into two separate tours.

The Green Tour

This route starts at the Red Bus Tour office situated at The Zone Shopping Centre in the cosmopolitan commercial and residential suburb of Rosebank. Upon your arrival, your host will guide you to the bus stop, where you will hop on the bus and start your adventure. The Green tour has a total of 5 stops and you will learn about the various attractions that lie in the leafy suburbs of Johannesburg.

1. Rosebank

Firstly, when you commence your tour, you’ll soon see why Johannesburg is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, filled with vibrant suburbs. Specifically, Rosebank, which is one of Johannesburg’s oldest and most eloquent suburbs

2. Zoo lake

The first stop is Zoo Lake located which is located just off Jan Smuts Avenue, across the road from the Johannesburg Zoo (see 3). This park offers one of the city’s best daytime picnic spots and spring is the best time of the year to explore the park. Entrance is free to the public and you can visit every day of the week from 8:30am to 5:30pm.

3. Johannesburg Zoo

The Joburg Zoo is one of the most popular local and tourist attractions. It is large and has many different types of animals to see. Entrance costs R 90 for adults and R 55 for children.

Peacock with tail feathers fanned in a display at the Johannesburg Zoon, in Johannesburg, South Africa

4. The Military Museum

This large museum contains mostly records, journals, weapons, photographs and including and an aviation collection which contains some of the rarest aircraft in the world. The Museum is open daily from 09:00 to 16:30 but not on Christmas and Good Friday. Entrance costs R 25 for adults and R 15 for children.

The Military Museum in Johannesburg

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5. Constitution Hill

Nowhere can the story of South Africa’s turbulent past and its extraordinary transition to democracy be told as it is at Constitution Hill. Constitution Hill is a national heritage site situated in the Johannesburg CBD and where you will change buses to continue with the city tour.

The Red Tour

At the constitutional hill, you can switch to the Johannesburg City Tour and continue with the tour.

The Military Museum

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1. Mining District

Next you will visit the mining district which is home to some of the worlds largest mining companies.

2. Carlton Centre

Situated in downtown Johannesburg, Carlton Centre is 223 metres high, making it the highest building structure in all of Africa. You can take a lift straight up to the 50th floor and look over the city of gold.

3. James Hall Transport Museum

With a historic collection of various modes of land transport, here you will learn all about the transport used in South Africa, which dates back to approximately 400 years.

4. Gold Reef City

This is the ultimate entertainment destination for children and adults. Do yourself a favour and make this stop, it’s a great way to celebrate a birthday or simply enjoy a fun day out with family. Tickets cost R120 for adults and R75 for children.

5. Apartheid Museum

For a much deeper knowledge of apartheid, visit the apartheid museum. It’s filled with thoughtful and brutal reminders of South African history.

6. Newton Precinct

Newton is located on the west of the city centre. Here you can explore the area by foot and try out different food and visit art galleries.

7. Braamfontein

This is the cultural hub of Johannesburg with trendy fashion, delicious food and top entertainment spots.

The view of Johannesburg from Carlton Center

Photo Cred: @Dineo_Zonke via Instagram

Ticket Options

Day Tour – R220 for Adults and R110 for Children, includes:

  • One day on buses
  • Hotel shuttle service
  • Green Suburbs Loop and Red City Tour Loop

Day Tour – R 320 for Adults and R 220 for Children, includes:

  • Two consecutive days on buses
  • Hotel shuttle service
  • Green Suburbs Loop and Red City Tour Loop

Please keep in mind that entrance and tour fees within each stop are not included in the prices listed above. There are several ways you can obtain discounts, for example, purchasing your ticket on the City Tour website than at the ticket office or purchasing group packages.

Benefits of the City Tour

These are a few benefits of the tour:

  1. Firstly, the tour allows you the opportunity to explore Johannesburg’s top attractions within a few hours.
  2. Although there is a set schedule, feel free to join the tour and leave anytime you want to because you have the freedom to choose which stops to make.
  3. You can meet plenty of people from all around the world because this tour is attended by many people, young and old by travellers and adventurers.
  4. The red bus tour offers commentary in 15 languages.
  5. Tours include a free hotel shuttle bus to several hotels in Sandton and Melrose Arch.
  6. Lastly, this experience is ideal for children because all buses include a special audio channel for kids.

What are you waiting for? Book your cheap ticket to Johannesburg and get ready to explore the city on the red bus tour.

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