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"With unity we can turn the situation around to the basics that have been the cornerstone of African society, botho /ubuntu.
It means co-existence, empathy and a capacity for doing well for and with others. This mass campaign is meant to address all sorts of crime but the main aim is to translate the dialogue about crime into action, its sources and severity…" Desmond Dube

Desmond Dube, a local South African comedian was inspi.jpgred to raise awareness about crime in South Africa and has decided to something about it and he wants to involve as many South Africans as he can. The Million Man March he has organised is an anti-crime initiative formed as a direct response to the unacceptable levels of crime in South Africa.

The March which is set to take place on 10 June 2008 aims to:

Unite all South Africans against crime, crime can only be defeated if confronted with a collective will, a combined commitment and a united plan of action.

Endeavours to empower people who feel helpless, vulnerable and alone by giving them a specific time and place to join together with others, and provide them with a voice against that which they fear the most.

Calls on the government of the Republic of South Africa to act decisively on the crisis of crime in South Africa. Urgent attention needs to be given to combating crime, more resources need to be allocated to our police, with efficient mechanisms put in place to combat corruption.

Law abiding citizens have the constitutional right to have an efficient justice system to support them. We want to call on the people of South Africa to recognise that we are part of the solution. We call on each and every individual to take responsibility of his or her actions.

We aim to challenge the perceptions that our society have about crime and use this opportunity to engage government, business, religious groups and individuals that this is the platform to launch and extensive and aggressive moral regeneration programme.

Remind one another that there is a lot to celebrate about our country and need to make sure that the negativity of crime does not take away from all the good that has been accomplished.

The integrity of the march is dependent on the peacefulness of its nature. It is scheduled and planned to take place within the boundaries of the law.

This march is for all citizens of South Africa who feel passionate about making a positive contribution towards the country, it will not be used as a platform to advance political or financial gain.

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