Like a local in Johannesburg

A few days ago I wrote about and decided that maybe I should write about how it would be to live like me for a day.

To experience Johannesburg like the locals (and I do) – you have to do it fast, Jozi style. Get up before 7am and be on the go all day and then still have enough energy to be fabulous at one of Johannesburg’s hottest spots.

Driving in Johannesburg is a nightmare during peak hours  during the week (7 to 8:30am, 12 to 2pm, 4:30 to 6pm). The worst part of traffic is that you always get reckless minibus taxi drivers – so do be on the lookout.

On a Saturday morning I like to have breakfast at a side-walk cafe. I love ordering a hearty South African breakfast that includes everything from bacon to steak and eggs and strong South African coffee. After this, I usually hit the shops for a few hours.

The next activity on my list would be to take relax – preferably outdoors as South Africa has the best weather all year round. Obviously I love hanging out by the pool with a braai (BBQ) going or to go play golf.

In recent years I have scaled down from being a complete night owl to a moderate party person, so I prefer to spend my nights sippi.jpgng on long cocktails talking to my friends and maybe at the end of the evening venture onto the dancefloor.

PS. Johannesburg is a cosmopolitan city with people from all walks of life. It could probably be compared to any major city in the world.

I must admit that when I first arrived in Johannesburg 10 years ago, I knew that this was the city I would want to stay in because it is beautiful and vibrant with a personality of its own.

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