Living in South Africa

Living in South Africa has many perks – buckets full of sunshine, friendly people, beautiful scenery and no major natural disasters.

Lightsout Unfortunately, when the sun sets and the power grid you are on gets loadshedded – you sit in the dark listening to the mozzies. There is no use in trying to leave the house as all traffic lights surrounding your home is out and has most probably caused traffic to back up already.

(It is a well-known fact that South Africa exports electricity to its neighbouring countries – but, do they also experience the loadshedding schedule? The other day I listened to the radio and I heard that some of our neighbouring countries have now decided to look for alternative supplies of electicity.)

Then again I can’t really complain, I have now met most of my close neighbours and now drive around with a dynamo powered torch. Some neighbours just pop in to ask for a spare candle, matches or to ask if I would like to also order takeaways. There is a silver lining to loadshedding, you get to experience true South African hospi.jpgtality.

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