London Travel:City Introduces New Cycle Hire Scheme

London has followed in the steps of many other European cities and introduced a new cycle hire scheme that is open for locals as well as visitors. The new scheme is a project of Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, to get more people to ride bikes in the capital of the UK. The idea is simple. In order to hire one of the bikes, you have to pay an access fee from as low as £1 depending on how many days you would like to hire the bike. After you’ve paid for this online, you then head to one of the docking stations that are scattered around London to pick up your hire bike and the streets of London are yours. Boris Johnson proudly kicked off the project last week by riding on one of the communal bikes that are sponsored by Barclays bank. He is encouraging every Londoner to be a pioneer of the new scheme. I personally am keeping my fingers crossed this will work out. What about those crazy drunks who roam around the streets of Soho late at night in search of something to demolish because some other crazy drunk just pulled their girlfriend? Or what about people who are looking to get their hands on a cheap bike and just don’t return them? Although the bikes are quite conspicuous with their huge blue Barclays logo on the front and you do have to pay a fine of £300, this would still be a pretty good deal. Or what if you reserve a bike, but when you get to the docking station there aren’t any bikes waiting for you? I’m sure that Boris and Co. have thought all of this through very well before investing £140 million into the cycle project. Although the latest news is that three Boris Bikes have already been reported missing! Time will tell.