Lufthansa A380’s Invade Johannesburg

Lufthansa’s inaugural A380 flight to Johannesburg descended on O.R Tambo Airport in June 2010. The A380 on its debut flight from Frankfurt to Johannesburg made front page news and Lufthansa declared the plane to be named ‘Johannesburg’ on her Maiden Voyage to South Africa’s economic hub – a feather in the cap to have one of our cities names emblazoned on the fuselage.

Lufthansa A380

Eleanor Fulker from Lufthansa’s Cape Town office visited Travelstart this week to tell us more about the A380.

Lufthansa A380 Specs Lufthansa German Airlines

  • Length: 73 metres
  • Height: 24.1 metres
  • Wingspan: 24.1 metres
  • Speed: 900km/h
  • Flight Range: 15 000km

Lufthansa’s A380 accommodates more than 500 passengers including:

  • 8 First Class seats
  • 98 Business Class seats
  • 420 Economy Class seats

Innovative use of space creates more legroom in all classes and a pleasant and spacious environment.

Lufthansa A380 Economy Class

Not your average Economy Class, the Lufthansa A380 defies previous stereotypes of ‘cattle class’ with a product that offers a high level of comfort. The new generation ergonomic seats are a welcome addition and the seats are up to three centimetres wider with more legroom to boot.

Lufthansa A380 Economy Class

Inflight entertainment on flights from Johannesburg to Frankfurt has never been more accessible in Economy Class with the personal touch screen monitor at your fingertips. A lot of thought went into the design of the Lufthansa A380’s Economy Class cabin and the resultant storage space means you’ll never compromise your comfort with a bag under your feet.

Business Class on the Lufthansa A380

Lufthansa’s Business Class on the A380 goes beyond the norm with an extraordinarily large degree of privacy and personal storage space. The two metre long reclining seat includes a massage function and the revolutionary ‘Shape System’ adjusts the seat automatically to fit your body.

Lufthansa A380 Business Class

First Class

As with most German engineered products, Lufthansa’s First Class offering on the A380 allows you to turn the most comfortable seat possible into a 2-metre-long-bed. Feel unrestricted in the two stylish onboard bathrooms – these remarkably spacious, luxuriously appointed bathrooms are reminiscent of a 5 Star hotel; the only difference being you’re at 30 000 Feet.

First Class A380

Your partitioned seat has special soundproofing which creates a uniquely peaceful ambience and the automated air humidification system is the first of its kind, ensuring a pleasant cabin climate and dry skin/throat relief.

The A380 and the Environment

Contrary to popular belief, the A380 is environmentally friendly. A new, Lufthansa engineered paint system saves weight and lower fuel consumption taking the concept of eco-friendly travel to new heights – The A380 requires just 3.3 litres of fuel to transport a passenger 100km.

The plane is quieter thanks to the new Rolls-Royce titanium engines and carries around 200 passengers more than a Boeing 747, yet boarding time takes the same amount of time. Onboard technology is more advanced than ever with passengers being able to find out about entry requirements and connections during the flight.

Frankfurt First Class Terminal

Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal* at Frankfurt Airport complements the A380 experience perfectly. Relax and feel at ease in 1800 square metres of space at the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt. This exclusive terminal includes a gourmet restaurant and a Cigar Lounge; you’ll even have your own Personal Assistant to help you with check-in, passport control and security checks.

Frankfurt First Class Terminal

Professionals will love the business centre equipped with telephones, free Wi-Fi and stationery. Wrap up your business and feel free to make use of the ‘relaxation rooms’ complete with all the creature comforts of home including comfortable daybeds and large modern bathrooms. Once you’re refreshed and ready to board make use of the private limousine service that takes you straight to the aircraft.

*All Lufthansa First Class passengers and HON Circle Members travelling with Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines Group, SWISS or Lufthansa Regional are granted access to the First Class Terminal facilities provided you have a 3 hour transfer between flights.

Star Alliance Membership

Lufthansa is a member of the coveted Star Alliance. Lufthansa’s partnership allows for seamless connections throughout the world thanks to the Star Alliance network.

Daily Flights from Johannesburg to Frankfurt

Lufthansa offers daily flights from Johannesburg direct to Frankfurt on the A380. It’s a night flight so settle in for the evening in Africa and wake up in Europe, refreshed from a comfortable nights rest on the A380. Since deploying the A380 aircraft on the Johannesburg to Frankfurt route, Lufthansa has increased their capacity per month by more than 6000 seats. Book A380 Flights with Travelstart

Our Readers Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing wonderful information about (Lufthansa A380’s Invade Johannesburg) I was looking out for the information that you have shared in this article. Thanks for helping me out. Read many articles on this topic, but there are very unique with a lot more informative.

  2. Am flying Manchester to Johannesburg Swiss air have transfer in frankfurt only 1 hour stopover will I have time for connecting flight as my sister very bad on feet

    • Hi Patricia,

      If you have booked all your flights on one booking the airline would not allow you to complete your flight booking if the connecting time was not enough.

      If you have booked separate flights and you miss your connecting flight the airline can not be held responsible.

      If your sister is not that fast, you can always request wheelchair assistance, however this needs to be done as soon as possible as the airline only takes a certain amount of wheelchair requests on-board.

  3. Would like to prebook 2 seats on 21st September economy class on LH 573 for this evening with plenty leg room. Exit seats required. Moira Blignaut and Do. BLIGNAUT.

    • Hi Moira,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Please provide us with your Travelstart booking reference number so we are able to access your booking. If you are traveling on a pure Lufthansa flight, the airline now charges for seats. You will need to contact them direct.

      With regards to emergency exit seats, these are blocked off by the airline and can only be requested at check-in as the airline check-in staff need to asses the passengers at check-in to see if the passengers they pre-seat there are able to assist others in the unlikely event of an emergency.

      Usually these seats given to Doctors or their frequent travels who are platinum or gold card users belonging to their frequent flyer programme.

  4. Hi. On the 13th June I will be travelling from O.R. Tambo International, Johannesburg SA to Finland connecting at Franfurt with your airline. It’s my firs time so I’m kind of worried. I would like to know if I will need to get my luggage and check it in again when I get to Frankfurt for connection? Also if there will be someone to help me with all the husstle of finding the correct gate where I will catch the next connecting flight as I only have two hours to get to the next flight to Finland. I have reas few comments about the bad service at the Frankfurt especially at the security immigration where people end up missing connecting flight and get to sleep at the airport chairs. Now I don’t want that type of horrible experience please.


    • Hi Princess,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Please send your Travelstart booking reference number when making the booking on our website. This way I will be able to call up your booking answer your baggage query if it will get checked straight through or not.

      You can request to say you a first time travelers but there are airport ground staff to point you in the right direction and boards up with gate numbers and showing where to go.

      With regards to the Immigration officials, they need to do the necessary checks on everyone coming into the country who are not EU nationals.

  5. I would like to know what aircraft will be used from Jnb to Frankfurt on 5/10/2014 and to Athens from Frankfurt on morning of 6/10/2014? Also do we need visas for stopovers? This was never required before?

    • Hello Eve, thank you for contacting us! The aircraft between Johannesburg and Frankfurt for your dates will be Airbus A380 on flight LH573 and on Airbus A321 on flight LH1278 between Frankfurt and Athens. The airlines can change these airbuses at anytime.

      If you are a South African passport holder you will need a visa for Greece, and not need a transit visa for Frankfurt since it falls under the Schengen Visa. If you need any further assistance, please contact our agents on 0861 878 278/+2721-468-4300.

  6. I do not know which aircraft some people are talking about when they say that the A380 is a comfortable aircraft. The write-up also mentions that the seats are ergonomically designed is also a lot of twaddle, unless they are talking about first and business class. I recently flew from O.R.Tambo in Johannesburg to Frankfurt with Lufthansa, first time on an A380, and experienced the most uncomfortable 10 hour flight I have ever had. The “cattle class” seats are actually narrower than what I am used to. Ergonomics is a word that doesn’t exist. Leg room was less than I have ever experienced on an international flight. Yes, the plane is smooth and quiet, but that does not make up for the other shortcomings. Besides the fact that I got food poisoning from the Lufthansa food. Unacceptable. All fair and well to have the latest touch screen technology for the entertainment system, but when the fool in front of one pushes their chair back right into one’s face, there is NO WAY that one can watch anything, because of the closeness of the seats. Do the people that do these write-ups actually test their statements out in a real-life situation. All told, a very unpleasant flight and aircraft. I will not ever again be flying Lufthansa, but especially never on board an A380.

  7. I would like to fligh from Johannesburg to Frankfort and then onto Porta in Portugal on the 15.12.2013 return 4/5 January 2014. Plus could you help with Car Hire once I have landed. with regards to price of flight and car hire.
    Many Thanks

    • Hi
      I require information with regards to a flight from OR Tambo to Frankfort and then on to Porto in Portugal on the 14.12.13 return flight on the 4or5 January 2014. Plus I would like to hire a car. Pleaase provide the necessary amount that will be due for Car Hre and Flight, plus availability.
      Many Thanks Manny.

  8. Hi
    We are travelling from Jhb to Frankfurt on Lufthansa on Tuesday 24th Sep at 19.05 in the evening.
    The only flight we could get on from Dbn to Jhb is arriving at 17.45 and I was hoping if we checked in online would we still make the 19.05 flight on time. Please could you let me know as I am panicking.

  9. We are so looking forward to flying from Johannesburg to Frankfort and hopefully we will have many more such experiences. How long is the flight from Johannesburg to Frankfort. We depart from Johannesburg at 19h30 on Friday evening.

  10. Flying with Lufthansa has been a remarkable experience – from booking to counter to luggage to boarding to flying – all has been exceptional with Lifthansa. Legroom on the A380 is really great and I could actually sleep in my seat. In another A380 (an opponent’s version) my knees pushed against the seat in front of me – too terrible for words! Lufthansa’s friendly staff, the care and service on board, the entertainment – everything convinced me to never fly with another airline ever again. Lufthansa is tops!

  11. I recently flew business class from OR Thambo to Frankfort (Germany) how many miles do I recieve for the flight and how can i record them.I joined the rewards program, but never should my card when boarding. My number is

    David Stanton

  12. Hi
    we are flying to Split (Croatia) via Frankfurt. Do we need a transit visa for the 6 hour stopover at Frankfurt?
    Regards Leon

  13. Dear Sir/Madam
    I will be going to Italy in TURIN with my departing Johannesburg on the 27th June 2013 and returning back on the 4th July 2013 from ITALY(Turin).My reservation is already confirmed at the resort name( LA GRAND QURSE ITALY, AOSTA,VALLY, CERVINIA.
    Now i wuold like to use LUFTHANSA air line for my travelling,and if so could you kindly assist us with the visa for two.
    Hope that my request will reach you in consideration.
    Yours fathfully .

  14. I am flying from Jhb to franfurt and getting a connecting flight there to London. We have 1hour and 15 minutes to get our connection flight. I am extremely worried that we will miss the connection flight at Frankfurt as I have my daugter with (4years old) and my mom who had knee replacement and can not walk fast. Would it be possible to get assitance their for us to help with the transfer? And what happens if we do miss our connecting flight?

  15. Hi Wendy,

    I’ve forwarded your email address and request to our consultants. Expect a reply from them soon 🙂

  16. Goodmorning I would like to fly from Johannesburg to Innsbruck on 8 April 2013 returning on 27 April. Is this possible? I can’t find flights for Innsbruck to Dubrovnik on 19 April returning 27 April. Please could you assist with confirmation and costs. Thank you for your help Wendy Thorburn

  17. Hi Ann,

    Thanks for sharing your experience of the Lufthansa A380. I’ve only flown on Emirates’ A380 and the experience was all I hoped it would be and more.

    I hear what you’re saying about the A380 being quiet. When we took off on the Emirates A380 from Dubai to London, I couldn’t believe how quiet it was. It just lumbered down the runway and lifted into the air without drawing attention to itself. I’m told that the Airbus has quietened their engines exponentially, unlike Boeing’s where you still get that ‘feeling’ of speed on take-off.



  18. I recently flew Johannesburg/Frankfort/FW Dallas TX USA/Frankfort/Johannesburg on the A380 Airbus and yes it is magnificent, quiet and comfortable. On one of the sections, I did not know we had taken off and were already airborne! Frankfort/JHB flight aircraft was named New York! So appropriate for that date, many people taking pics, including me,at Frankfort International. Will be flying with you again, hopefully.

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