Lufthansa Serves Wine from Gerard Depardieu

Lufthansa will be serving its business class passengers a flash new wine throughout the summer. They’ll be able to sip a Cabernet-d’Anjou 2009 from the Chateau de Tigné estate in the Loire Valley while whizzing across Europe. You’re probably wondering what’s so special about this wine. Well, this estate is not just any estate. It’s owned by famous French actor Gérard Depardieu. I for one didn’t know that the actor who played in multiple movies on both sides of the Atlantic was also an avid wine farmer. That is what I call multitasking. The wine has been chosen for the following reason. I quote: ‘The Cabernet-d’Anjou 2009 from the Chateau de Tigné estate is noted for its stimulating character and is delightful to the palate. It pairs perfectly with Lufthansa’s summer menu.’ Sounds delish. It seems that more and more airlines do the celebrity thing. Singapore Airlines has hired British top chef Gordon Ramsay as a food consultant, United works with Charlie Trotter and now Luftie has Gérard. I’m not sure what their aim is though. Everyone knows that airline food is rubbish. It’s usually cooked in bulk which makes it soggy and tasteless. The bread is rock hard and the salad brown. Honestly, I believe that even celebrities wouldn’t be able to upgrade that! But then again, I don’t usually travel in premium classes so it might be a whole different world out there. (I hear they have freshly baked cookies and ice creams). But if the airlines are consulting and serving celeb food and drink to pull more passengers, they might want to consider to actually having them on board the plane. Imagine Gérard Depardieu pouring his own lovingly cultivated wine and Gordon Ramsey serving you his creatively prepared dishes? Now, that would make me want to fly a particular airline. Even if the food is soggy!

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