Maasai Mara Base Camp – an ecological wilderness camp

Maasai Mara is found in the South West corner of Kenya – the northern tip of the great Serengeti ecosystem. For over 300 years Maasai have lived here. I thought it was time for a visit.

After six hours of driving from Nairobi, in which the last two were run on the road bumps in Maasai mara 2 078the bush, my driver and guide parked the van in Maasai Mara Base Camp where I would stay over the weekend. The camp have an ecological mindset and won in 2005 “the Responsible Tourism Awards” in the category of “Protected Areas” in competition with 700 nominated hotels, lodges and camps around the world.

For example, the lights in the tents come from solar panels. However, if you need to charge the batteries for your camera there is electricity in the reception. Shower water is re-used for watering of the area and the toilet is ecologically friendly.

Maasai mara 025The tents, by the way – they look like small cottages and mine were right by the river where I could spot crocs. On the other side of the river the wild animals walk around. I had my own veranda and ensuite bathroom with a hot shower (heated by solar panels, of course) open to the sky. The camp is part of the nature reserve and is not surrounded by fence.

Maasai men are working in Maasai Mara Base Camp and to see these long, beautifully ornate maasaiMaasai mara 222 is like opening a history book. Imagine the traditions and stories they carry. In the evenings I sat down with them by the campfire and heard them tell stories about the savannah and the wild animals they´d met eye to eye.


I will tell you about the game drives, the maasai village I visited and the Maasai bead handicraft centre for women a little later.

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