Malaysia Airlines Trials Child Free Zone on A380

kids free zone on Malaysian Airlines

Photo by Lars Plougmann

Malaysian airline will soon be the first airline to trial a child free zone on board their A380’s which operates flights from Kuala Lumpur to London.  Its upper deck will be divided into a first, business as well as an economy cabin with 70 seats. These economy cabin seats will be kept as child free as possible. That means that parents travelling with small children will automatically be allocated seats on the lower deck.

However, there are some ifs and buts. Premium travellers who are bringing their young kids will still be seated on the top deck and if the lower deck is booked up by families with children already, the overspill will still end up on top. But how many kids can you have on one plane? Especially an A380! So those ifs and buts might not be that huge.

Admittedly, I might be a bit biased towards the ‘no kids under 12 allowed’ move, since I have none myself. But I’m sure everyone will recognise this picture; you’re on a 15 hour long overnight flight, desperate for some sleep, when suddenly you feel tiny fingers pulling at your hair, or little feet kicking the back of your seat, or screaming at the top of not so tiny lungs right into your ear. Being stuck in an economy seat, between a pack of rowdy kids, is definitely not a nice way to travel.

Although sometimes the aforementioned nightmare can also be caused by a pack of rowdy adults. Maybe Malaysia Airlines can come up with an annoying adult free zone as well? It will be a guaranteed success. I promise you.

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