Meropa Entertainment World, Polokwane

The flashy lights and wonderfully enticing sounds of slot machines is not the only attraction at Meropa. Other attractions include great restaurants, Wild Things, good food and a curio market.

At Squires you can enjoy a scrumptious meal having a bird’s eye view of people gambling.
If you have kids (or if you are still a kid at heart), you can go to the Magic Company. Here you can spend hours on racing and skill games. If you save up the tickets you win on the games, you may claim a prize/toy.

At Wild Things, you get a sense of nature as most of the birds are roaming around free.  Ducks, swans, blue cranes and a raptor and snake show that is very informative.  If you are attending the snake show and feel a bit adventurous, you can have a snake put around your shoulders by one of the professionals.  The show is free, but to show some appreciation for the great work, give a tip. There is also a pair of “meerkats” that run up and down their holding area’s front glass, they are trying to see what you are doing as they are curious animals by nature.

When you enter through the gate at the water bird sanctuary, it feels like you are entering a rainforest.  Birds chirpi.jpgng everywhere, water running over rocks. Lastly, you can take a stroll through the butterfly park – which is the first of its kind in South Africa. This sanctuary houses 30 different species of indigenous butterflies. The centre is unique, because there is no other facility in the world that caters for indigenous species only.

If you are interested in buying curios, then visit the shops inside traditional rondavels at the cultural market. The crafts are handcrafted by the indigenous people of the Limpopo region. There are four huts within the Crafts Market and they feature the impressive and colourful crafts and artifacts of the Northern Sotho, Shangaan (Tsongo), Venda and Ndebele tribes.   Visitors can take home an ostrich egg decorated with beads, a beaded bookmarker or even a beaded broom.

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