Mini Israel − See All of Israel in One Hour!

The_wailing_wall_in_mini_israelHave you dreamt of visiting Israel, but do not have a few weeks to tour the country? A few years ago, the solution to this problem was found. In fact, then the park Mini Israel, which shows all of Israel in miniature, was opened in the center of Israel (next to the town of Latrun).

In Mini Israel you can visit the Wailing Wall (the Western Wall) in Jerusalem and then continue to Jesus’ Capernaum, next to the Sea of Galilee, and the Bahai Temple in Haifa. Afterwards you can walk from a kibbutz to a small city and from there it is only a few steps to the main Israeli airport and central Tel Aviv. All sites are reproduced in detail and you can see that the work has been done very thoroughly. If you want, you can buy a book with photos explaining the different buildings and places in Mini Israel and there are also recorded messages describing the sites in the park.

A tour of Mini Israel takes between an hour and a few hours and you walk by 350 models of 1:25 scale, with tiny figures that move and suitable sound and light effects. For example the soccer stadium in Jerusalem is reproduced, where the players run around on the field and you can hear and see the audience cheering.

A visit to Mini Israel is an unforgettable journey showing all religious, secular, historical and modern sights in Israel. It is highly recommended for your next trip to Israel.

More information about Mini Israel can be found here.

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