Mutiny by Ryanair passengers in Liege

Some people might choose to write in a letter of complaint to a Customer Services Department when something doesn’t live up to their expectations during a flight or a holiday or about whatever product or service for that matter. However passengers on a Ryanair flight that was supposed to fly from Fez to the airport of Beauvais near Paris opted for a less conventional method to express their grievances. When their aircraft was diverted to the airport of Liege, which is by the way in an entirely different country and 200 miles away from the original destination, they refused to leave the aircraft. The diversion was due to the fact that the departure of the flight had been delayed by a whopping three hours and therefore the pilot couldn’t land in Beauvais because the airport had already closed for the night. And here I was thinking they would always wait for the last flight. The crew left the aircraft with the passengers onboard, switch off the lights and locked the loos. After four hours of negotiating and coaxing them into the terminal with food and drink, the passengers decided to leave the aircraft after which they were finally bussed to Paris. Ryanair states that the diversion was due to weather which under EU law means that they are not responsible for what the fate of the passengers when flights are cancelled or diverted. So this can mean that after a lovely weekend in as it so happens Marakech, your flight can be cancelled due to an apparent invisible storm. Which then leaves you with the only option but to buy a new ticket at the modest amount of 900 Euro to get home. (Yes, I am still angry about this!) I don’t mean to single out Ryanair as what happened to me was with an entirely different airline, but in this day and age it sometimes feels as if the customer is no longer king, or in my case queen. I sometimes feel more like a member of the proletariat. And not just in the airline industry. I’m talking about banks, telecommunications, etc. So all I can say about this is: Two big fat thumbs up for the Ryanair passengers on that flight!! This is the first step to getting back the customer kingdom.

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