Mzoli’s: football, township, meat and a whole lot of atmosphere!

Braaivleis at Mzolis

Perfectly cooked braai meat at Mzoli`s

In the vibe of all things football and the videos we’ve been filming to live in this vibe, Travelstart made it’s way down to one of Cape Town’s most famous institutions: Mzolis. This establishment, just off Klipfontein Rd is in one of Cape Town’s most sizable  townships, Gugulethu or “Gugs” to the locals and forms the most multi-cultural meeting-point in the whole city by far.

Originally a butchery started by a man by the name of Mzoli, this business has grown to include a pub and restaurant, but not just any restaurant, this one is truly township-style! Situated next to the butchery, the restaurant is semi-outdoor under an lean-to corrugated iron roof, decked out in plastic tables and chairs and flat screen TV’s on the wall showing football. On the far wall is the bar, packed full of six-packs of local beers and some coolers too as well as the DJ kicking out some vibey tracks ranging from Afro-pop and house to well known numbers from international hit-lists.

The obvious thing Mzoli’s is famous for it its abundant quality meat supply which is what is served in the restaurant. The ordering and dining procedures are rather different to what Westerners are used to, so allow me to explain. You first use the entrance between the ATM’s outside (yes there are ATM’s at the restaurant) which is the main entrance for the butchery. There you choose the meat you want, order a sauce, plates and cutlery (to which you will get a frown for requesting), you can also pay for bread or pap to accompany your meal. Once paid, you take your enamel bowl full of meet down the passage to the indoor braai area, there a braaimaster will cook the meat to perfection and you return in about 20 minutes to collect your meat. From then on it’s time to dig in, hands are the best tools for tackling this meal and the bread makes for an excellent edible napkin too 😉

This is a melting pot of different cultures, from those of the myriad of Cape Town’s residents to foreign guests from North America, Asia and Europe. The combination of this, well-priced drinks, excellent food and some great tunes on the decks makes for an excellent spot for any fun-loving and mildly culturally adventurous of visitors.

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