New Features

As you know if you are a regular reader of our blog, we’re constantly working on improving the Travelstart website. Every month or so we release new bits and pi.jpgeces. So, without any further ado (I think there might have been too much ado already actually) here is a list of the new stuff:

01. Skype + Instant Messaging
You’ll notice that we’ve changed the header of the site to inlclude two new icons on the right hand side (when they are active). One icon is for Skype, the other is for live instant messaging. You can now talk to one of our Travel Desk staff during working hours via the internet for free! Cool hey? If you don’t know what Skype is (where have you been!) you can check out their website and download the application – you’ll be glad you did. Our instant messaging system is ‘powered’ by BoldChat, but works just like msn messenger.

02. Your Account
Your Account section is slowly taking shape. We still have a lot to do but we’re getting there. For this release you can now:

– Change your password

– Change your email address

– Edit your profile

– Add your home airport so the field is automatically filled in (if you are logged in)

03. Predictive text search improved
Well, this speaks for itself really 🙂

04. Design improvement to Payment page
We have made major improvements to the payment page so that your booking and payment information is laid out in a simpler, more easy-to-understand way. You can now also pay via internet transfer without having to call us. We have also streamlined the payment process for people who are paying but not travelling.

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