New stuff on Travelstart

We’re always working hard behind the scenes to improve the functionality and usability of our site. We just released a major upgrade today that includes:

1. Predictive text on search input
No more worrying about spelling the names of destinations correctly. Start typi.jpgng and a list of possible destinations (that match what you have typed) will appear in a drop down menu. Click the destination of your choice and it will fill in the field for you. As with all of these things, it’s easier to use than it is to explain 🙂

2. Clean new home page
a. We have optimised the home page for the 15% of you out there looking at our site on monitors with the resolution set to 800×600 (shame!).

b. We’ve cleaned out a lot of the clutter so the important stuff stands out more. We’re also paving the way for the introduction of car hire (which we’re working on now) and special offers.

c. ‘Save to’ link added at the bottom of the page.

d. Total number of days added to the calendar to help you check that you’ve entered the right dates.

e. Some people were getting confused by the ‘Find me a deal!’ button so we changed it to ‘Search’.

3. Improved display of flight results
We’ve spent quite a while tinkering with the flight results to make all the information as clear as possible. We added a display of the flight time, transfer time and total journey time. We also changed the flight ‘snap shot’ to display departure and arrival time, rather than journey time and flight time.

4. Improved speed of results
It’s really quite complicated (ie. I don’t understand how we did it), but we’ve improved the search time by roughly 50%.

5. Updated FAQ
We finally finished the FAQ! Please feel free to ask us anything else and we’ll add your question (and our answers) to the FAQ.

There are literally hundreds of other technical changes we have made behind the scenes too,,, but I think these might bore you 🙂

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