Spring Nightlife in NYC: Best Heated Outdoor Spots

From the Hudson River

The Empire State Building from across the Hudson River

There are several ways New Yorkers can tell spring has arrived. Flip flops begin replacing sneakers on less fashion conscious commuters (guilty). Pigeons appear when you toss your tuna sandwich in the trash (gross). And allergies remind us that we pass exactly two trees between the office and the E line (achoo!).

But, despite some of the seasonal annoyances, there’s an undisputable energy that takes over the city when warmer weather finally strolls in. Alas, we leave our desks exhausted and dizzy-eyed after a 10 hour work day, and the sun is still there to greet us with a mischievous grin… Not to mention, we’ve got a solid amount of time to kill at Happy Hour before dusk swats the day away.

It’s not quite warm enough yet for sidewalk cafes and biergartens (though I’ve spotted some vitamin D deficient diehards fighting it out), but there are a few restaurants and bars with heated outdoor seating that are perfect for the most anticipated time of the year. If you’re planning to travel to NYC this spring, keep these spots in mind:

230 Fifth
230 5th Avenue (Flatiron)
Pricy: $31-60
*Swanky, fashionable crowd.
*What it lacks in unpretentiousness, it makes up for with the rooftop garden view (Empire State Building included).

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Dos Caminos
475 West Broadway (Soho)
Pricy: $31-60
*Below the border Mexican menu at above the budget prices.
*Come for the spicy guacamole, stay for the flavorful margaritas.
*Leave because of your bitchy waitress. (What ever happened to service with a smile?)

Petite Abeille
44 West 17th Street (Flatiron)
Moderately priced: $11-30
*If you can make it for brunch, don’t stare directly at the waffles. They’ll put a spell on you.
* Half price on all Belgian Beers on Mondays. Buy your skinny bitty girlfriends a Scaldis (12% alcohol) and let the good times roll.
*1/2 priced bottles of wine on Tuesdays.
*All you can eat mussels on Wednesdays.

Bia Garden
154 Orchard Street (Lower East Side)
Moderately priced: $11-30
*Hidden gem.
*Simple, rustic atmosphere.
*Simple, rustic looking dishes (but, hey, it’s Vietnamese street food, so the emphasis is on taste).

265 Elizabeth Street (Nolita)
Moderately priced: $11-30
*Sexy interior, romantic and elegant.
*Great if you’re trying to impress a date.
*Not so great if your date happens to be horny—the bathrooms are lined with vintage Playboy covers.

Our Readers Comments

  1. I definitely wish there were more places to eat/drink outside here in SF. There is a place with a huge roof deck, heat lamps, etc., but it got voted “Douchiest” bar in SF last year haha. We’ll have to check some of these places out when I come visit!

  2. Good recommendations Looking forward to checking out Petite Abeille

  3. Looking forward to checking these out!

  4. Yes-love Springtime in NY!

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