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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If I already follow Travelstart on Twitter can I still enter?

A: Yes, you can, just remember to nominate some friends to do the same to ensure you qualify to win!

Q: Can I nominate more than one person to win?

A: Yes, you can, try to do it in separate tweets to avoid any confusion about who won if your tweet is picked.

Q: If I don’t have a twitter account, can I still enter?

A: You will need to have a twitter account to enter this competition. Travelstart runs a number of competitions during the year aimed at people accross various networks, including, but not limited to our email newsletter network, Facebook and Twitter to ensure the most number of people possible can be included in the competitions we run.

Q: What information does Travelstart get from Twitter?

A: Travelstart gets your name, the nominee’s name, your twitter name and the nominee’s twitter name.

Q: What does Travelstart do with the info I let them get from Twitter.

A: This information is collected solely to document entrants and pick a winner and will not be sold or forwarded on to third parties.

Q: What happens if I don’t want to remain following Travelstart?

A: You can un-follow at any time, but you and the nominee must remain following travelstart on the date the competition winner is picked to qualify as a winner – should you still wish to qualify.

Q: What is the hotel like in the prize?

A: The hotel is a brand new hotel openning on the 1st of June 2011. It is operated by Three Cities who are known for their high quality hotel standards.

Q: What happens if I live in Durban and want to enter?

A: Anyone can enter, regardless of where they live, you will be able to make use of the prize as follows: Accommodation will be as per the advertised prize at Three Cities’ Gateway hotel in Durban. The flights can be used by the winners of the prize to fly from Durban direct to anywhere on the 1Time network within South Africa (Johannesburg and Cape Town are the direct 1Time routes applicable for this prize) on a separate trip.

Q: If I win, do I have to take the nominee with me at the same time on the same trip?

A: Yes, you, your partner, your niminee and their partner will have to travel on the same trip at the same time to utilise the prize.

Terms and conditions:

Entering the competition:

1. The entrant must allow the competition application to access their basic Twitter data, including their name as per Twitter & their username.

– a. The entrant must be a Twitter user and have a Twitter account.

– b. The entrant may not be a company or organisation.

2. The entrant must send the tweet via the platform provided by Travelstart with one nominee’s Twitter name therein.

3. The entrant must follow Travelstart on Twitter.

– a. The entrant and the nominee in the selected tweet must remain following Travelstart when the winner is picked to qualify as a winner.

4. The entrant must be over 18 years of age in order to enter

-a. Travelstart reserves the right to request proof of age by requesting timely (within 24 hours) delivery of copy of official ID.

-b. Failure to provide this will result in disqualification from winning the prize.

Following and un-following Travelstart on Twitter:

1. Travelstart uses Twitter as a marketing platform, by following Travelstart on Twitter, the follower will see marketing material and non-marketing related material from time-to-time in their news feed.

2. By following Travelstart on Twitter, you are giving Travelstart the authority to contact you directly on Twitter via Direct Message (DM) to inform you that you have won the competition.

3. The follower may at any time unsubscribe from following Twitter, by logging in to their twitter profile and then visiting and clicking the un-follow button under the Travelstart profile picture.

4. By un-following Travelstart before the selection of a winner for the competition will disqualify the entrant from winning.

Picking the winner:

5. The judge’s decision is final.

6. The winner will be contacted via Direct Message (DM) on twitter and provided with an email address to claim their prize.

– a. The winner must respond to the DM via the email address provided therein within 48 hours and provide Travelstart with a photo of themselves and their first name & surname in order to qualify as a winner.

– b. The photo may be published on Facebook, Twitter, Travelstart’s Newsletter and Travelstart’s websites.

– c. Failure to comply will disqualify the entrant from winning and a new winner will be picked.

7. The competition closes on 30 April 2011 at 23:59

8. The winner will be picked during the week of 01 May – 07 May 2011

9. The winner will be announced during the week of 08 – 14 May 2011

10. The prize is detailed on the landing page at , the elements thereof are detailed as follows:

– a. 2 (two) , 2 (two) night stays for 2 (two) adults over the age of 18 at Three Cities’ “Gateway Hotel” in Umhlanga, Durban

– – i. Breakfast daily.

– b. Two return tickets from either Johannesburg or Cape Town to Durban from 1Time Airlines including all pre-payable taxes.

– – i. Should the winner or any person of the winning party not reside in Cape Town or Johannesburg, the flights can be utilised to another destination in South Africa on the 1Time network.

– – ii. The flights should be used where possible in conjunction with the prize.

– c. Anything not mentioned above will be at the winner’s expense.

11. Utilisation of the prize is subject to availability at time of booking.

– a. All travel with the prize must be completed by 31 October 2011.

– b. Bookings must be made at least 30 days prior to departure.

– c. The prize is not valid over peak periods, public holidays.

12. All parties of the prize must travel together in order to utilize the prize.

– a. should any member of the winning party not be departing from the same city as other members of the winning party, they will be permitted to do so, should 1Time fly from that city.

– i. the utilisation of the flights tickets will be subject to the terms and conditions mentioned above, including but not limited to availability of such flights at the time of booking.

– ii. should any party not reside in a city with a direct connection to Durban on 1Time they will be permitted to utilise the ticket on another 1Time route within South Africa.

-iii. should any person(s) in the winning party not utilise the 1Time tickets to get to Durban for the utlisation of the hotel portion of the prize, costs of travel to and from Durban will be at that person’s expense.

13. The flight tickets for the prize cannot be utilised on the following dates:

a. 14th June’11-21st June’11 (Long weekends)

b. 1st July’11-05th July’11 (Durban July) only blocked out on Durban route

c. 28th June’11-14th July’11 (Oyster festival) only blocked out on George

d. 4th August’11-11th August’11 (Woman’s day long weekend)

e. 29th Sep’11-13th October’11 (Long weekend)

f. after 31 October ’11

14. The prize includes a meal for 4 at 9th Avenue Bistro in Durban for R225 menu

a. gratuity is payable by the winner to the restaurant at the end of dinner

b. any expenses not included in the meal voucher is payable by the winner to the restaurant at the end of dinner

14. The prize is not transferable.

15. There is no cash value to the prize.

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