Oprah Winfrey on Tour in Australia

The famous American show host is really finishing her last year of her world famous show with a boom. On a recent episode of her talk show she announced to a flabbergasted audience that she was taking every single one of them on a trip to Australia where they could watch her tape two shows to wrap up what will be her last season ever. So on Thursday the 8th of December the American philanthropist’s  newly acquired 300+ friends landed in Australia on a Qantas flight flown by John Travolta. The last shows will be taped at the Sydney Opera House , (or Sydney Oprah House as some are calling it) and will feature every star Australia has ever produced; Olivia Newton-John, Keith Urban and his wife Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, to name but a few. But that’s not all. The itinerary of the whole trip is chock a block full of typically Aussie activities. Patting koala’s, eating kangaroos, climbing Uluru, and diving the Great Barrier Reef. And a meeting with the country’s PM Julia Gilliard. Oprah who chose to fly on her own private jet instead of John’s plane, was greeted by thousands of fans on arrival. And more fans are expected to try to get a glimpse of her during her trip and the taping of the shows. The streets around the Sydney Opera House will be closed off to prevent fans without tickets from getting too close and to prevent congestion. The city has marked the whole event by putting a massive ‘O’ on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

If you didn’t know any better you’d think that Oprah Winfrey was royalty from a forgotten kingdom. A bit over the top if you ask me. On top of that the whole circus will cost the Australian government around 3 million Aussie dollars, but they seem to be eager to get the media attention. Visitor numbers have been dropping for a while and the government hopes that Oprah will change this. I hope it works. And if not at least the clever salesmen on the street corners selling  30 dollar ‘I love Oprah’ T-shirts will have earned some extra cash.

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