Our new arrival

At Travelstart the storks have blessed us with a new talented arrival to our
Travelstart family.Jodie Fredericks joined the team last Monday. Over a
steaming cuppa I got to find out a little more about her:

Jodie 002Jodie's first ambition was to be
journalist. When asked how she
decided to join the travel industry she
laughed & said that the trade chose her
 having been bitten by the travel bug. It's
a partnership she hasn't regretted as it's
a business where there's never a dull
moment & where hard-work offers
great rewards.

One of her highlights was a 3-night stay at the 5* Cape Grace Hotel. She
fondly remembers her stay in the lap of luxury.

Jodie is currently knee-deep with wedding plans with her big day scheduled
on 19th of December. Best of luck with all the grand preparations.Just a little
trivia about our Jodie; she hates oysters with a passion, we can assume they
will not be featured on the wedding menu, but she is totally addicted to Coke –
the stuff in the red can – & says she's can't go a day without her fix.

When asked what Jodie would like to say to all her adoring fans out there,she
said she would just like to inspi.jpgre them with these words:
"Even when you stand alone, stand anyway" – Anonymous

So a BIG welcome from the Travelstart team & we all look forward to
working with you.

Our Readers Comments

  1. Welcome Jodie!
    I’m sure I will see you at the lunchtime gathering tomorrow! 🙂

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