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Wrong Number

Our first romantic encounter only materialized sometime after patience and hard work all thanks to an incorrectly dialed phone call exactly a year ago. While I was on holiday in Durban I just finished watching the dolphin show at uSharka and my mates and me were about to get some lunch when I received a call from a unrecognized number.

I answered my cellphone and a lady by the name of Candice immediately realized her mistake in dialing the wrong number. She was very apologetic to me for the mishap, however she did have a very friendly and sexy voice which intrigued me so Instead of hanging up I decided to chat to her for a little bit longer and find out a little bit more about her. We immediately clicked and got along while starting to get to know each other, the conversation really caught on fire when I found out she also lived in the same town as me, Benoni. We chatted away like reunited old school friends while I was getting cheered on my by mates who made me say cheesy things like I was wearing a speedo and I live in a caravan. We both come from the same town which constantly gets ripped off with these kinds of jokes so she found these comments very amusing, but just joking and flirting with each other the whole time, we really enjoyed that first call. I saved her number and we kept in contact via SMS, and eventually MMS’ed each other our pi.jpgctures. That sealed the deal for me, not only did she have a blubbery dashing personality, Candice is also a very attractive stunning woman, I decided then and there I wanted to meet her.

While SMSing we landed up on the topic about meeting famous people and being famous. Candice mentioned she briefly met a few Celebes while being a promotion girl at big functions. Hastily and not thinking my reply 100% through while trying to impress her I said I was a model and am on the front page of the Cosmopolitan magazine. She just laughed and said ya ya Roland whatever. I knew then that
if I wanted to meet her I would have to make my story come true, I had to become a Cosmo Cupcake Covergirl.

When I got back to Benoni a week before Valentine ’s Day, My good friend Chanene and I got creative and brain stormed the whole idea and came up with a ‘special valentines edition leaflet’ for the February edition of the Cosmopolitan. We designed the leaflet around the concept of me being Mr Speedo/ Benoni Beefcake (Because I jokingly said I model speedo’s and I really am the captain of my action cricket team called the Benoni Beefcakes) which included conversations we had over SMS’s and calls into it. On the back of the leaflet I made a detachable Valentine’s Day competition, the prize was a dinner with Mr Speedo aka Benoni Beefcake (look at attached PDF). Slaving over it for few days I was finally content with the end product Chanene and myself had put together. I had it professionally printed on high gloss paper and put it into a clear sealed sleeve. I bought the latest Cosmopolitan magazine at the NNA stationery shop at the Northmead Square in Benoni and inserted the sleeve into the magazines sleeve as an extra added valentines leaflet. I gave the magazine to the sales lady that worked at the NNA and asked her to keep it in the back office and should a lady by the name of Candice ask for ‘the special edition’, she must give that edition to her for free. I SMS’ed Candice and told her that should she want to see me on the Cosmopolitan front cover, she must go through to the NNA and ask for the Cosmo special edition. Candice followed suit and collected it the following day.

Candice absolutely loved the whole Cosmo leaflet, she SMS’ed me all three answers and then called to thank me for it and to say yes to the valentines dinner date while wiping the tears of laughter away. I was over the moon with her reply, my hard work and creative thinking paid off. We went and had our Valentine’s dinner at Jose’s restaurant which is where we met each other for the first time as well. It was
the best first date/valentines/meet we both ever had and really had an awesome evening that special night which we still talk about today. We are still dating and it will be our 1st year anniversary on Valentine’s Day this year. To this day I still can’t believe my luck on how a wrong phone call led me to meeting my beautiful girlfriend ☺

by R. A. 

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