Outdoor music festivals: the sounds of a European summer

Rock en Seine Music Festival in Paris, France

Not as if you need another reason to travel to the Old World, but experiencing an outdoor music festival on the beaches of Spain or on the river banks in Serbia can make your European vacation absolutely unforgettable. Maybe now’s your chance to become the roadie you’ve always wanted to be and follow your favorite band as they rock the continent under the summer sun. The season of summer music festivals offers an unlimited and explosive combination of  international musicians from all genres performing in a magnificent array of natural settings (many festivals offer free or cheap camping space on or near the festival site) and historically important theatres. Even when you have no idea who the band is, live music, is more often than not, good music, making this a perfect opportunity to boost up your iPod with a plethora of musicians from around the world that you’ve never heard of before. And don’t forget that a music festival isn’t just music–these days, festivals offer special events including short film festivals, dance exhibitions, activities and events for children, local arts and crafts markets and unique or trendy snacks and drinks that will keep you energized as you move to the music.

So check out the festival line-ups, see if the city and the festival culture appeals to you and book your festival tickets fast before they’re gone! (Some all-festival passes are already sold out, but you will still be able to purchase day passes.) And then prepare for the auditory adventure of a lifetime…

Here’s a diverse selection of festivals from all across the continent to get you started…

Western Europe

1) Sonar Festival, Barcelona, Spain, June 17-19

2) North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands, July 9-11

3) Festival Internacional de Benicassim, Benicassim, Spain, July 15-18

4) Rock En Seine, Paris, France, August 26-29

Central/Eastern Europe

5) United Islands Festival (it’s FREE!!), Prague, Czech Republic, June 24-26

6) EXIT Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia, July 8-11

7) Grape Festival, Pezinok, Slovakia, August 13-14

8 ) Belgrade Beer Fest (it’s FREE!!), Belgrade, Serbia, August 18-22

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