Overhead Humor

I was flying with a pilot that told me some stories from the past.  One of the stories he shared with me made me double over with laughter so I wanted to share it with you all.  He said he used to fly with pilots that loved to make practical jokes with others, and he often missed those fun days.

On this particular trip, he said it was before boarding, they were waiting on a mechanic to come to take a look at a minor detail.  One of the flight attendants came up to him and said, “Hey! Lets play a joke on the mechanic.  You help me get up into the overhead bin, close it, then when the mechanic gets here, tell him that the overhead bin is stuck and ask him to try to fix it and open it.  Then I will jump out and scare him!”

The pilot agreed and helped her into the overhead bin and then shut it.  He then walked back up into the cockpit and waited for the mechanic to show.  When the mechanic arrived, the pilot said to him, “Hey! You want to see something funny?”

“There’s a flight attendant hiding in the overhead bin in the back.  She was trying to scare you, but lets quietly walk back there and see what happens!”

So the two pilots and the mechanic walked to the back and sat down quietly in the area where the overhead bin was.  They sat and didn’t mumble a word.  After maybe ten minutes, they hear a knock against the overhead bin and the flight attendant saying, “helloo? Is there anyone there? hellooo? please let me out!”

The pilots and the mechanic burst into laughter and then finally let the poor flight attendant out.  The flight attendant started laughing as well even though her plan backfired.  Her golden quote of the day, “You can never trust a pilot!”         ^-^

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