Roof Top Tour of Stockholm

Do you want to experience Stockholm, the beautiful capi.jpgtal of Sweden, from a different perspective? Then a roof top tour on the small island Riddarholmen in Stockholm might be the thing for you!

Most of us have probably, at least once or twice, joined a guided tour when visiting a new city (come on, admit it!). It is usually quite a good way to get to know the place you are in. However, walking around with a bunch of other tourists in a busy city can be quite crowded and stressful. My experience is that I sometimes end up NOT seeing what the guide is pointing out.

SO, I have found a solution and it is spelled roof top tour. Let me explain!


On the roof of the old Parliament House (43 metres up!) on the small island Riddarholmen in central Stockholm you can experience quite a different guided tour. While walking around on the roof, your guide (who also explains the safety rules and helps you with the fullbody harness) will make sure that you get to know the history of Stockholm from a 360 degree panoramic view. 


A spectacular view over large parts of Stockholm are promised to those who are brave enough to try this type of guided tour! 


If you are looking for a spectacular venue where you can get married you can stop looking and send an e-mail to the address below. What about the wedding guests? Well, they will come with you all the way up! 

Location: Riddarholmen, Stockholm 
Season: April to September
Time: approximately 90 minutes
Prerequisites / requirements: 18 years. Sober / drug free. Maximum weight 120 kg.
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Photos taken by Ewa Blixt.

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