Ryanair Polls Passengers about Content for 2011 Calendar

Ryanair’s calendar has always caused a lot of controversy. In previous years the European lowcost airline has been accused by women’s rights movements and even a British female MEP of being sexist and forcing female crew members to pose in their birthday suits. According to them the airline is guilty of exploiting these women and stigmatising them as sex symbols. I for one am wondering what the fuss is all about. Surely these women’s rights movements have better things to do than to complain about racy calendars. Surely, these crew members are not forced to take off their clothes and pose naked as an additional frill for their passengers. I’m sure there are women in other parts of the world that suffer inequalities and abuse much more serious than this. This calendar is just a bit of fun. Every year the airline issues the calendar of which the proceeds go to KIDS, a children’s charity in the UK. According to Michael O’ Leary, the CEO of the airline,  the crew volunteers as they want to do something good for charity. Unless the women’s rights movements were standing up for the female Ryanair passengers, because, let’s face it, we do get the short end of the stick. Where are the buff pilots? Where are the ripped luggage handlers? And what about the fit stewards? Well, that might actually be happening for next year’s calendar. If the demand is there. This year will be able to cast their vote in an online poll to decide whether they want to look at male or female nakedness or maybe even some pretty landscape pictures. So to all the women out there, let’s use our right to vote and get some gorgeous men in that calendar. Because the way I see it, that is real female empowerment. To get what we want!

Our Readers Comments

  1. Sure, I’d recommend everyone to use their right to affect what kind of calendars they want to see. Women probably travel more than men and if they do vote it’s not unlikely that their number of votes will be more than the male votes. It’s funny that you mentioned ripped luggage handlers. I’m a luggage handler myself, and although it’s not very well know, my company does a luggage handler calendar each year, and I’m getting ripped for the photoshoot these days.

  2. haha. Not sure if I want to see him in the buff!!

  3. I must say those girls don’t look like they’re being forced to do anything. May be next year Michael O’Leary will also take part. Now that would be controversial!

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