SA Epic Tour: a revolutionary sports venue for a revolutionary hero

Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban

The glasswork showing the portrait of Moses Mabhida at the stadium named in his honour

Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban is the host for the city’s 2010 world cup games and what an impressive sight it is. Visible from a long way off, the white, tent-like structure is hoping to change the way we use stadiums – no longer will they be mere ball-sport match venues, they will be entertainment centres for every-day use.

Everything about the stadium is open and welcoming, far more than many of the other arena we’ve seen in the country so far. This is evident from the stadium’s location, right next to an existing train station (it’s also accessible by foot from the beach via a walkway) and it’s open and alluring facade with “the window”, a vertical gap some 40m wide allowing passers by to view in to the stadium from the outside.

Moses Mabhida boasts some impressive decor on it’s interior as well with luxury lounges and bars for VIP’s kitted out in funky art and also it’s striking green and white change rooms for sportsmen which are very clean and neat and come with personal jacuzzis and an indoor plunge pool.

But back to what really makes this stadium so unique is the range of activities the stadium will be used for. It will host a state-of-the-art public fitness club, many restaurants, shops and bars which people can enjoy any day of the week accessible from the street, and the people’s park which will be an open air park for use during the games for people not fortunate enough to get tickets to view the events.

What is probably most noteworthy about the stadium’s facilities is the sky-car tour and the bungee jump. The sky-car is accessible from the public side of the stadium and takes you up to the viewing platform, right on top of the Y-shaped arch (made to resemble the South African Flag) to view the city and seaside. You can also access the walkway from the adventure walk steps which come up the opposite side of the arch, be warned, you will climb some 500 odd stairs! The bungee jump is from one of the struts connecting the two arms of the Y-arch, it’s more like a bridge swing in that you swing out across the pitch (quite close to it in fact).

Moses Mabhida is definitely a very impressive stadium, it really does come across as being very ready for the world cup and beyond, far more than any of the other stadiums we’ve been to so far. Check out our pics on Flickr!

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