SA Epic Tour: Soccer City Stadium

The facinating Calabash-themed Facade of Soccer City

After the sobering tour of Soweto, it was our turn to visit Johannesburg’s venue for the world cup football, Soccer City. This stadium is the country’s biggest with almost 100 000 seats, we were very excited to see their facilities and to find out what they had on offer.

To be honest, there are two words which one can use to describe this sporting arena, the first would be massive – it is simply a giant with awesome proportions. The second word would be disappointing, compared to all the other stadia we have visited, this venue had by far the poorest facilities, especially for the players.

The change rooms were not equiped with safes when we visited and had a rather temporary feel, the showers were spartan and the change rooms lacked any of the jacuzzi’s or plunge pools the other stadia had. To be fair though, there was a lot of work still being done with only 5 days till the handover to FIFA.

The VIP area too lacked any of the plushness that stadiums like Moses Mabhida in Durban had, there were no couches, artwork and the fixtures left a feeling that shortcuts had been taken to cut costs.

On the plus side, this stadium has an impressive pitch made of 4 different grass types and the seating is dramatically impressive. The facade too is very striking and very unique, it is definitely a site which will be a landmark for years to come. Check out our pics on Flickr for more info!

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