SA Epic Tour: the adventurous road from East London to Durban

Arriving in Kwazulu Natal

Us crossing the border into Kwazulu-Natal, it was a long journey...

We woke that morning knowing that the day ahead of us was going to be a long one. We had calculated about a 9 hour drive on the N2 from East London to Durban, we seemed to have missed another 2 hours out there as it actually took us 11 hours!

We dropped Vonne off at the airport so that she could go home to her doggies and we picked up our next roadtripper, the fabulous Wouter, so that he could help with the long drive. We navigated the streets of East London again and headed inland. Our trip got rapidly scarier.

While the scenery is stunning – rolling green hills, pretty little villages and the odd forest clinging to a mountainside – the road was narrow with little to no lines and a million and one trucks trying to overtake each other on blind rises with on-coming traffic. We witnessed a bus’s boot burst open and the driver just carry on driving, we also wintessed several near head-on collisions. This road is not for the impatient or the feint-hearted. My top tip is to fly if you can, it’s not worth the drive if you need to get there in a hurry and in one piece.

After bumping our way through the Eastern Cape, we crossed the border into KwaZulu-Natal where to road instantly smoothed into a more manageable texture. It would have helped if it widened too, but that was not to be, after battling behind several trucks (through some stunningly green and lush forests I must add), we finally reached Port Shepstone and the peace of the dual carriageway towards Durban. Check our Flickr page for some of the pics en-route on our journey.

All in all, I would not recommend this road, if you can fly, definitely do that, if you have to drive, it may be safer to drive round Lesotho through the Free State, that road is a bit better with less trucks.

Next up, we’re in Durban and we’re experiencing uShaka marine World. This was so much fun it hurt!

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