Samoa Air starts charging passengers by weight

I’ve heard many people say that airlines should charge passengers per kilo when they fly. Why? Say a super skinny person had to pay extra for their baggage, that was say a few kilos too much. Yet, at the same time an obese or heavily overweight person with the correct amount of luggage -by weight – wouldn’t have to. Fair? To many the answer is a firm ‘no’.

Many people will be happy to  hear that Samoa Air recently became the first-ever airline to charge people by their weight.

According to a Samoa Air representative, Chris Langton, this is “the fairest way of travelling”. Customers will now pay per kilo, though this will vary depending on the route’s length.  Passengers will pay the combined weight of themselves and their baggage. This way the airline also knows exactly how much weight it will be carrying before take-off.

Good news for the very skinny, right? It is also a great way for families travelling with small children to save money.

“Airlines don’t run on seats, they run on weight, and particularly the smaller the aircraft you are in the less variance you can accept in terms of the difference in weight between passengers. Anyone who travels at times has felt they have been paying for half of the passenger next to them,” said Mr. Langton.

According to this representative, they hope to promote a healthier approach to life as well, as the levels of obesity are quite high in Samoa. Those who fly often might just start to reach for that salad instead of the cheeseburger and fries.

So, do you think this is a concept of the future? Samoa Air certainly seems to think so.

Our Readers Comments

  1. Absolutely brilliant concept. Been wondering what’s taking the airlines so long to work this one out….Go Samoa Air!!!

  2. Brilliant idea

  3. I dont mind paying per kilo. What i dont like is the fact that people assume that the overweight person is that way because they dont reach for the salad instead of the junk food. I too am overweight and still dont mind paying by kilo for flying. I have already spent 10s of thousands of specialists only to be told there is nothing they can do for me. My body just doesnt work like it should and then medication i need has been taken off the market due to some stupid battle between pharma companies cause the one can make it cheaper than the other. In the meantime myself and other with the same condition need to take the punch.

    So, charge by weight but stop assuming that us “fatties” are that way cause we are unhealthy! I dont assume that all skinny people are sick or anorexic!!

  4. Great progress.
    Apparently they’ll commence charging for mental baggage from next month.

  5. I love that concept _ I hate haveing to sit next to a fattie who takes half my seat as well _ I will fly that way anytime if charged by weight _ well done Samoa

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