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I always find signs interesting when I travel. From the funny and bizarre (most of us have seen the classic ‘Chinglish’ signs of the Far East) to the downright rude, the helpful and the not so helpful; no one can deny that the signs of foreign countries provide great photo opportunities and make for great pictures on your social media profile. In this blog post we look at the signs of Amsterdam plus there’s a holiday package thrown in for those of you that want to experience the city of diamonds, canals, bikes, glory and freedom for yourself.

I Amsterdam Sign

Visit this sign in 2012

The ‘I Amsterdam’ Sign

The perfect photo opportunity and proof for your friends that you’ve visited the city of Amsterdam. The I Amsterdam sign can be found at the Museumplein, in front of the Rijksmuseum. At more than 2 metres tall and when all lined up, the I Amsterdam letters measure over 23,5 metres wide. Amsterdam’s most famous sign has also appeared in an Amstel Light commercial (see below).

No Toking Sign

Amsterdam Signs

You won’t see the No Toking signs in Amsterdam anymore. The city had to remove them in 2011 after the Dutch government ruled that the city had no right to establish official zones where smoking weed is banned, since it’s already theoretically illegal in the Netherlands. When they were up, they were being stolen so often that the city of Amsterdam eventually started selling them as souvenirs.

Pedestrian Crossing Instructions Sign

The simple things are always hard to use that’s why City of Amsterdam has provided these useful signs that instruct people on how to operate the “Push to Walk” button.

2012 Amsterdam Holiday Package

No Drinking in the Park Sign

In South Africa, we’re more accustomed to seeing a bottle with a red line emblazoned across it. Not so in Amsterdam where their signs indicate only drinks with ‘0% alcohol’ may be consumed in this public space.

Amsterdam Coffee Shops & the Red Light District

If zoning out in one of Amsterdam’s famous coffee shops is your thing then look for the neon signs and funky names.

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Amsterdam Pictures: Flickr | Washington Examiner

Amsterdam Coffee Shop

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