South African passports applying for Danish Schengen Visas: NEW info!

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Latest news on the Schengen visa front is that South Africans can no longer go through visa agencies or travel agencies to apply for Danish Schengen visas. Denmark has jumped on the same bandwagon as the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates with using VFS or Visa Forwarding Service, this is more specifically for those living in Gauteng who would usually have used the Pretoria Embassy for applications.

VFS have long done the UAE’s visas and took over doing the biometric data collection needed for British visas for South Africans, Denmark have now seen it fit to use their services too, to handle visitors to their country.

Those of us still using the Consulates in Durban or Cape Town can continue to do so, but you must appear in person to apply for visas.

You can get info on VFS applications for Gauteng here.

If you want general info on Danish Consulates and Consular services, you can go through the Danish Embassy’s website.

You can get more information on general Schengen Visas though this article.

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