Strong Rand Good For Travel

Were you aware that in the past year, the South African Rand has gained 5.5% on the US Dollar, 10.2% on the Great Britain Pound, and nearly 13% on the Euro? (Source) Not bad!

For the traveller, you can translate this by saying a trip to the US will cost you 5% less, the UK 10% less, and the Euro zone 13% less than it would have cost one year ago.

The value of our currency compared to others is something we don’t think about every day, for good reason. But when it comes time to travel, it’s sure nice to know your native currency is gaining strength, and not losing it. It gives you more buying power, allowing your travel budget to extend a little further than usual.

For some, a significant currency increase can create the opportunity to travel to new regions you may not have considered otherwise. Maybe now is a good time to consider some overseas travel, and everything you do in the Euro area will be 13% less than a year ago when you convert it to Rand.

This is good news for those of you considering overseas travels. But it isn’t the only good travel news I’ve heard out of South Africa recently.

2010 has been a stellar year for tourist arrivals in SA from every continent, according to a recent report by South Africa Tourism. Additionally, the Condé Nast Traveler 2010 Readers’ Choice Awards were just recently announced. With more than 25,000 readers voting, Cape Town was voted Africa and the Middle East’s Top City.

Cape Town voted ‘Top City’

In some other travel news, a two-day E-Tourism Africa Summit is taking place at the Cape Town International Convention Center October 25-26, 2010 (Look for Travelstart there!). It’s been another record year for the online travel industry, which continues to grow at a torrent pace as more and more people shift their travel purchases to the web.

Anyways, I thought readers might enjoy a little good news from the economy and travel. Now’s a great time to plan your next getaway – check out Travelstart for the latest specials.

(photo courtesy of Coda)

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