Stuck in Varanasi

113_3148 Varanasi in India (also called Benares) is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the entire world. While you are there the locals may tell you it's the oldest city in the world, but it's more likely around the 20th oldest. It's also known as India's "Holy City," the "religious capi.jpgtal of India," and the "city of temples." 

When I was there during the rainy season in 2005, there was so much rain that trains were unable to leave the station for almost one week. (you can see the water level right)  My 4 day trip to Varanasi, became almost 2 weeks long! It worked out just fine though – I had a wonderful two weeks.

113_3147 The city is located on the west bank of the river Ganges, and the river itself is where much of the life in Varanasi exists.  The stairs leading to the river are called ghats, and are home to daily life activities such as cleaning, but also religous traditions and ceremonies. (the photo left shows one of these ghats)   

There is so much to see and experience in Varanasi, that a day there feels like a week. You can spend days in the Old City, never experiencing the same thing twice. The city is known as a centre for religious, cultural, educational and artistic activities. Many Hindus make a religious pi.jpglgrimage to the city each year. 

If you are considering travelling to India anytime soon, I strongly recommend that you put Varanasi on your list of places to visit. You won't be disappointed. But if you do go, perhaps try to visit it when the rains have stopped. 

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  1. Nice reading. I will be visiting Varanasi on 30th of this month. Looking forward for some nice shots.

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