Summers in The Hamptons

19 HamptonsBay600px_1040740
The quiet beach at Hampton Bay.

So far this year I’ve missed the experience that many New Yorkers associate with summer – the weekends in the The Hamptons.

The Hamptons are a group of beaches and towns pretty far out, about 150 km from Manhattan, on Long Island. And this is where the rich or the ones who wish they were rich, come during June, July and August. If you are not in the capacity to get a hosue of your own, there are always the summer shares, where many people, sometimes 10 or 20, get together and split the rent on a house. There are not always beds enough for everyone, something that was mentioned in tv series Sex and the City “They sleep in shifts”. But many of the younger people come for the parties anyway so they don’t care if they have to use the floor or even the beach to rest for a little while.

My first experience last weekend on these well known beaches was not quite as adventurous as I had a friend with connections  enough to get us into a house with plenty of free rooms. Before I got here I thought The Hamptons was just one town and one beach, but that is not the case. Our house was located just by the quiet beach in Hampton Bay with a big porch overlooking the water.

However my friends decided that the Saturday was better spent on Sunset Beach on Shelter Island about one hour away in the car. This is one of few places where there is a restaurant and bar just on the opposite side of the beach, as businesses are normally kept away from the Hamptons to make it more residential. Sunset Beach is therefor a great spot for lunch or a cocktail in one of the lounge chairs facing the sea. All the people I talked to during my stay was either a lawyer, working in PR or on Wall Street. It is just one of those places that attract people with money. And one or two celebrities – movie star Gwyneth Paltrow with entourage was spotted on their way to lunch while we were seated.

If you want to go here too, the easiest way is to take the Hamptons Jitney (the bus) which costs 30 USD one way and 53 USD return. Coopers Beach close to South Hampton is one of the most famous beaches, mentioned not only in Sex and the City but in tv series Gossip Girl too.

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