That’s how we rrrrrrrroll! :)

I don’t know if any of you knew this but I make music videos in my spare time 🙂

I have completed my second project, a music video for “How We Roll” which is the first single out on the Planetary Assault album, released on Pioneer Unit (new Cape Town label). I produced, directed, edited and graded this video, with Eeshaam September as assistant director.

Watch it on YouTube here:

The video concept is based on the song title, How We Roll, which is a global hip hop idiom meaning how you go around with your mates, with your crew, how you do things,, With everything we (Pioneer Unit) do, we turn it around and localise it,, making it relevant to us, South Africans. So instead of rolling in hired Bentleys (that we don’t drive in “real life” anyway and hanging out in plush clubs, we chose locations and actions that represent our lifestyle.

How We Roll is also Konfab (originally from Lesotho) and Jaak (an Afrikaans MC) turning the expression into something humorous and South African.. we roll our rrrr’s here!

The video also features all the MCs part of the Planetary Assault project, each doing a cameo and ready to take the music industry by storm!

(Photo by Scott Williams)

The visual treatment and choice of locations depi.jpgct a strong South African vernacular. A lot of ZA rappers tend to emulate the American lifestyle, using an American accent and American culture inspi.jpgred visual iconography. We strive to get people (MCs and public) out of the American paradigm and create visual and songs where people can see themselves reflected in it. The Bentley is a nice aspi.jpgration icon but it wouldn’t make sense using one when most people don’t own a car in this country.

(Photo by Dplanet)

We got so much support making this video,, a big thanks to the Krump dancers, the girl dancers, the kids in Paarl, Jaak’s auntie for lending us her house, Eeshaam for his assistant director’s help + Bux 4 Tyres for lending us their iconic rim and tyres shop, Butan for wardrobe then Mercury Live and Marvel for opening just for us,, Thanks also to all the extras who turned up on a Saturday just for the love of supporting their local MCs! Big up,,

– More photos of the 2 days shoot  here.
Listen to Planetary Assault online.
Buy the album online (look for the info at the bottom of the page) or contact your local music shop to order the album. Alternatively if you live in CPT, give us a shout and we’ll deliver!
– We have limited edition tee-shirts and posters on sale here

We’re also going to be on TV this Saturday the 15th of September! 🙂
Check out the video and interviews of Dplanet and Jaak on MK89 this Saturday.
ShowBiz Report / eTV is also showcasing this Saturday the video, with an interview of myself and Dplanet about the album launch.

Last but not least, Pioneer Unit will be hosting a Planetary Assault album launch party in Joburg in the next month or so. If you were in Cape Town and miss the first one, don’t forget to book your flight, hotel and car with Travelstart and join in the party fun! 🙂

That’s how we rrrrrrroll!!

verbally Spark / Archetypes

PS: If you missed the first video, Go Against Us, by Trusenz, here it is:

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