The Blood Bank

The Angels have been crazy busy these past few months, so we kinda missed out on September for our monthly charity drive. In view of this catastrophe we have decided to do at least two drives for October – starting today!

The South African National Blood Services are always in need of a helpi.jpgng hand (or perhaps, an arm). Two of our team members, Maike and Tanya, had recently donated blood and decided to put the idea forward to the Travelstart Angels to round up as many volunteers as possible to go and donate their “precious gift of life” . Most Travelstarters confessed to a fear of needles and some were unable to donate due to the seasonal flu …but in the end we had 12 brave volunteers eager to donate. Brilliant! With most being first-time-donors, their scared-o-meter readings were quite high! (Bless)

We split up into 3 smaller groups and off we went, one group at a time. Our faithful driver, Lloyd, took us though to CBD Donor Clinic… What a lovely facility, with fantastic nursing staff and really comfy chairs!

The CBD Donor Clinic is a walk-in clinic and we were told they have approximately 40-50 donors a day. Although, this sounds like a lot, they actually need 70-100 daily donations to suffice for the ever-increasing need for blood. So, if you are in the area and are able to donate, please visit:

Cape Town CBD Donor Clinic
22 Long Street,
Mon – Friday   08:30 – 15:45
Saturday   08:30 – 11:30
Tel: 021 507 6300

Not sure if you're able to donate? The requirements are that you must be between 17-65 years weigh 50kgs or more and in good health.

If you would like to organise a group donation at your own company and can get at least 40 people to commit to donating, they will come to you!
Most of us had a very normal and care-free experience, unfortunately, some felt a little under-the weather… All-in-all, at the end of the day, it was a success! And we will most definitely be going again in December.

A great, big 'Thank You' to Zaytoen, Ramona, Ruqaiyah, Angelique, Kirsty, Anja, Gaynor, Colleen, Peter, Diana and Priya! I am so proud that you all managed to do it!

Much love,
Your fellow TS Angel

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