The Bull formerly known as Bessie


It was a beautiful wintery day in Tamboerskloof, clear blue skies, crisp early morning air and the sun was shining.  The tranquility was pi.jpgerced with a sudden shriek from Diana, "AHHHHH, stop pecking my butt Goose!!".  Yes you read right, a goose.  Where in heaven's name did we find a goose, well actually more like a gaggle of geese, in Tamboerskloof you may ask?  Well I'll tell you – it's an undiscovered little jewel of a farm about 100 metres from the Milner Hotel.  The farm is called Hope for Children and it's run by Andre.  He gathers a multitude of farm animals and provides a safe haven for them.  The farm also provides a sanctuary for homeless children who help with the animals and through this process the animals help rehabilitate them. 

Walking up towards the farm on a Saturday, one is blasted with the powerful smell of animal odour mixed with that special farm smell.  It is overpowering but soon forgotten as you watch a gaggle of geese waddling towards you, all clamouring for your attention.  Actually more for the apples in the bags we had with us.  And then the entourage arrives – pi.jpggs, dogs, chickens and a cow.  Well, we thought it was a cow, even named her Bessie.  Diana and Charlene love cows so you can imagine the cooing that happened when the cow flashed her big brown eyes at them.  Again, I suspect the smell of apples had somethign to do with that.  It was later pointed out to us that she was in fact a he – you would think the horns would have given us a clue!  City girls! So Bessie became Alexander.

If you have ever had to stop in peak hour traffic in the middle of the city to let a pi.jpgg cross the road, chances are you have come across a resident of this farm.  They tend to take adventurous trots through the mean streets of the city, snuffling and doing things that pi.jpggs generally do.  Most people are amazed at seeing a pot-bellied pi.jpgg in the City.  Many of us have grown up without ever encountering them in real life so this little farm, nestled in the middle of the Cape Town, is truly a true gem.

The Angels are inspi.jpgred!  We have organized an organic bucket for our office to collect all the organic vegetable waste for the animals at the farm.  We were amazed at how fast it filled up and all Travelstarters have taken to it with enthusiasm, making sure that all their veggie waste goes into the organic bucket.  Our first drop off will be later today – I expect some very happy oinks and moos this Friday afternoon!

Angels out.

Our Readers Comments

  1. I hear that our dear animal friends nearly ate our driver being so excited about the goodies he brought along from the bin. I hope this blog inspires others out there to drop off their organic left-overs at the farm as well – that would be truly amazing!

  2. It’s a hot pair of asses if you ask me 🙂
    Well done Travelstarters for being aware and filling the bucket. Keep it up!!!

  3. I was referring to the pot-bellied pig…but now you mention it

  4. I would tell you, but I value my life too much.

  5. Who’s ass it that?

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