The cell phone situation is not okay

I've long been bothered by the cell plans in New York. The one I've had since I came here last year is not working so well – all texts from foreign countries disappear and even some from within the US – so now it's time to change.

Motorola220px_7152 The big problem is that it's expensive. The US is the only country I've been to where you have to pay also for incoming calls and texts. If the unit price had been half it would have made sense but for example, according to big company Verizons prise list texts cost 20 cents. When I had a Swedish and an Israeli cell I was paying about 10 US cents to send one text and receive an answer. In the US the same thing costs 43 including VAT.

Boost that I have now has an unlimited plan for 65 USD but the problem is that you have to use their special phones and they are so bad that you can't even use the surf function.

Virgin seemed to have a pretty good deal too, but in the store I found out that even with them I need to buy a special phone. And when I turned to slightly more expensive AT&T that perticular store I was in would not sell a plan without a phone, even though it's possible to use their SIM card with my regular GSM phone.

It just seems like they are not very interested in people signing any plans at all.

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