The Haifa International Festival for Children’s Theatre

TheatreDuring the month of April every year, an international festival for children’s theatre is held in Haifa, in Israel. This year the festival will take place for the eighteenth time, between April 21st and April 23rd. During three days the theatres and streets of Haifa will be filled with plays, dance, music and other performances. Several shows are for free, to make sure that everyone can enjoy the party.

There are obviously very many Israeli artists participating in the Haifa International Festival for Children’s Theatre, but there are also several performers from other countries. The goal with the festival is to show a young audience performances of high quality, from different cultures, in different genres, etc. The festival also gives young actors an opportunity to perform in front of an audience. Except for the plays, several other cultural activities will be arranged during the festival. For example, there will be a magic tent, called “The Wings of Imagination”, next to the main theatre in Haifa. In the tent children will be able to meet actors, writers, singers, etc, and talk to them about whatever they want.

Among the Israeli plays that will be shown during the Haifa International Festival for Children’s Theatre, a modern version of the Biblical “David and Goliath” and “Today’s Show” from Hollywood are especially worth to be mentioned. Canada is represented by a group called “Corpus”. They dress up as sheep and take the audience to a strange dimension of reality. “Funny Business” is a British performance, where the limits of laughter are investigated and stretched. This is just a small selection of all the fascinating plays that will be shown during the festival.

More information (in Hebrew) about the Haifa International Festival for Children’s Theatre can be found here.

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  1. To Whom It May Concern
    This is Jafar Mahyary the writer, director and the manager of Zendegi (life) Theater Group from Iran. I am going to introduce tow works of mine to you briefly.
    The first one is The Flower. It was performed in 2010 in Iran, at KTO Theater festival in Poland on July 2010 and at Tromso Dialog festival in Norway on July 2011.
    The second one is The Light. It was just performed on August 2011 in Iran.
    These two plays are mainly written for children and adolescents, but it can also be performed for adults.
    There is no dialogue. They can be performed both on the stage and the street.
    There are DVDs of these performances.
    For receiving the DVDs and getting more information about them contact me please.
    I hope to hear from you in near future.
    Sincerely Yours

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