The Israel Festival in Jerusalem and in the rest of the Country

Guitars_in_tel_avivThe four-week-long Israel Festival starts May 24th in Jerusalem and in the rest of the country. It is an annual event, where the public can enjoy international and Israeli artists, who show their talent in classical music and other types of music, dance, theatre, etc. (Several performances are for free.) The festival takes place at numerous theatres in the capi.jpgtal, but also at the International Congress Center, in the streets, etc. Furthermore, a few scenes in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Holon take part in the event.

The goal with the Israel Festival is to bring international artists to the Israeli audience and to encourage collaboration between Israeli artists and their international colleagues. During the festival cultural and political differences are transcended and artistic cooperation is created.

Among earlier international participants in the festival, you find orchestras from Germany and Great Britain, as well as actors from Russia and Italy. This year’s festival offers a very varied repertoire, where two groups of artists, from Switzerland and China, are especially worth to be mentioned. The Swiss group is called “Hashirigaki” and they offer a fascinating mixture of theatre, dance, video, texts and music. Among other things, they play “the Beach Boys” and traditional Japanese music. The group of acrobats from Wuhan (in China) consists of sixty artists on stage at the same time. They offer an original and colorful performance for the whole family, where traditional Chinese culture and modern circus are mixed.

More information about the Israel Festival can be found here.

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