The Time Elevator in Jerusalem – a Very Special Tourist Attraction

The_time_elevatorIn the centre of Jerusalem there is a tourist attraction different from everything else you have ever seen. The Time Elevator, as it is called, takes its visitors on a fascinating journey through three thousand years of the history of Jerusalem. The attraction includes a cinema with panoramic screens and motion based seating. This is accompanied by explanations in Hebrew, English, French, German, Spanish and Russian.

The seats move according to the film and synchronized light and sound effects make you feel like an active participant in the movie and not a passive spectator. Special effects, such as splashing water, make the experience even stronger.

The main character of the film, Chaim Topol (known from “Fiddler on the Roof”) first takes the visitors three thousand years back, to the time of King David. This is followed by the destruction of the two Jewish Temples, the Roman conquest of the land of Israel, the birth of Christianity, the emergence of Islam, the rebirth of the Jewish state of Israel, the reunification of Jerusalem, etc. All these events have obviously influenced Jerusalem of today and they (and many more) are discussed in the movie at the Time Elevator.

When you visit the capi.jpgtal of Israel next time, you are highly recommended to go to see the Time Elevator, to get a different and very interesting insight into the history of Jerusalem. The Time Elevator offers shows during the whole day and at every show there are about a hundred places available. The attraction is suitable for adults and for children from the age of five.

More information about the Time Elevator in Jerusalem can be found here.

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