The Travelstart spirit. TS 10 years of spirit condensed into 8 rules 24/30

These days there are
lots of talks about core values.

I personally happen
to believe that most talk about core values are nonsence. Because you have them,
if you want to or not. But the whole purpose of examining and scribble down the
true core values of a company is that it will serve as a blue print and compass
for your company. The reason we need a blue print and compass is that we get
lost in action, we get seduced by people, products, markets, consultants, new
technology, we get confused by our competitors and suppliers and what have you.
Is there anything sadder than being in a company office and you see the values
on the walls and you just know that the people in the organization are so detached
from it’s core.


Knowing and living
by your core values will help you when recruiting, it will serve as guidelines
when doing investments, it will help peoples decisions even when the boss is


We have always had
our core values written down. But I can tell that most of the time people
didn’t know where to find them and they were not reinforced hard enough.

Core values are like
a bible and we have had people who interpret them like the devil reads the

Like this one: “You
say in your core values that we should think and do things different, why
aren’t we allowed to work from home or from the park when it’s nice weather.
Why do we have to be in a office at eight in the morning.” True story.

Or when people think
that go for it means: what the hell I’m just going to do it, even if I was
specifically told not to. It’s in our core value system. True story also.

Or when family and
fun simply means fooling around in the office ignoring deadlines or perhaps
selling drugs to a coworker.

Or when share means
taking what belongs to the company.

Well the
interpretations can get endless. But if you hire people who relates to values
with their hearts and not simply pay lip service it really works. But this is
something you should find out before hiring. That’s our experience.


Our core values or
The Travelstart Spi.jpgrit as we call it now has evolved over the years and during
certain periods some things are over emphasized. But over time these have stood
the test:



Think Different

From what angle do you see things? At Travelstart we like to
think and do things differently. We want to drive change and innovate in our industry and in life.


Explore the inventor within you. You are one of a kind so be creative and use
your imagination!



We see beauty in transparency and to be whom we say we are. Open communication and no
closed doors. Avoid rumors by always going straight to the source.


Share your wealth, wisdom, ideas and thoughts. Strive to give more than you




4 it

Travelstarters are doers! Better to ask for forgiveness than permission. We believe
that freedom to act
creates more room for great
. Take ownership, inspi.jpgre and engage others to come along.


Jump first, fear later!


the customer 

We romance our customers at every point of contact by
treating them the way we want to be treated. With professionalism, respect and charm we build
relationships that last.


A Travelstart experience should be one worth remembering.
You are Travelstart’s most important ambassador. Spread the love and build excellence in


Business first        

A growing
is the core of our being. Therefore, we use our resources
wisely and effectively.  In all
activities our mantra is to do more with less. Simplify and automate!


Look at the big pi.jpgcture and think long term in all decisions. Ask yourself:
what is best business- now and later?


Passion as compass

To be passionate is to do stuff you love! A passionate Travelstarter
is one who embraces challenges, has a curious mindset and an optimistic attitude.


We are passionate to be a world class company. Passionate to
see people grow and develop.
Passionate to fight the good fight. Passionate to- you name it!



Silk & Steel

We value both humility and pride. Know yourself and know your history. Be a David
and beat Goliath with great attitude and warrior spi.jpgrit.


to the world around you and
bold to act on your gut
feeling. Silk and steel is about finding
balance in all you do. It´s the Yin and Yang.


Family &

Together we create the unique Travelstart vibe. It is pervaded
by trust, respect, tolerance, love and laughter. We are inclusive and never exclusive.


successes of all size and show empathy in setbacks. Don’t take yourself too damn
serious and most of all- have fun!

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