Tiger Airways Launches Naming Competition for Latest Aircraft

What could be cooler than having a plane with your name on it? Well, this might be your chance to make that happen. If you’re between the ages of 6 and 12, that is. Tiger Airways, the Singapore based low cost Airline, is launching a naming competition for children to celebrate their 6 year anniversary. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 who live in one of the 11 countries that Tiger Airways flies to, will be able to get creative and come up with an original name for the latest aircraft in its fleet. The winner will be invited to attend the anniversary ceremony in Singapore with two of her or his family members. On top of that fantastic prize, the lucky child will also receive Sin$ 3.000 worth of Tiger Airways flight vouchers. If only I were 6 years old… So let’s pretend I am. What name would I come up with for a plane? I’m usually not very creative when it comes to that, because I named my teddy bear ‘bear’ when I was 11 years old and my cat’s name is, yep, you guessed it, Cat. So here are my suggestions: Gas Guzzler? Hmm, too activist. Jaklien? Too arrogant. How about ‘Flying Banana’? Too ridiculous. This is harder than I thought. But the actual professional plane namers are much better at it than I am. There is plane called D-JET. Or what about these names: PA-28, DV-20, SR-20, SR-22, PC-12? That sounds a lot like an army of robots from Star Wars. Virgin Atlantic treats their aircraft like sexy ladies and Mr. Branson has baptised them all with names such as ‘Hot Lips’, ‘Miss Behavin’ and ‘Cover Girl’. A bit sexist if you ask me. KLM uses boring city names for their aircraft and British Airways don’t even bother. So I think it’s an excellent idea that Tiger Airways is leaving the naming of its newest plane to kids. It least it will be original and fresh. For more information on the competition, check out www.tigerairways.com

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  1. this is my sons name who has recently lost his mother so it would mean a lot to him to have some joy by being named on a plane thank you for your consideration

  2. Where’s the competition? I cannot find it?
    Thank you.

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